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World Trade Centre

Location Kuwait
Type Corporate
Plot Size 101171 sq.m
No of Stories 70
Student  Abdul Ahad Daud


University University of Engineering and Technology Lahore

The development of any country depends upon the trading and business activities. Imports and exports play an important role in stabilizing the economy of a country. It represents a significant part of GDP. The concept provided by world trade centre in not only to provide business relation but also to provide peace and stability through nations.


The project is basically a proposal of a world trade centre complex which will accommodate all kinds of business activities plus leisure and dining facilities. The project should have international standards as it’s a place where people from different nation meet and do business.


World trade centre complex constitutes to the overall development and economic growth of the country. The project is highly feasible in any state of world as it provides economic stability and peace through nations.


‘’World trade centre is a project to help people to do trade more efficiently’’.
Said GUY.F.TOZZOLI (WTCA president).
‘’People not only want sufficient office space but also they want special services which world trade centre provides ‘’said PHILIPPE DOUBRE.
It’s a strong brand name which helps not only provide economic stability but also peace. The project stands vital as it will help to fill the gap between different countries. The aims and objectives regarding world trade centre is to facilitate provide an efficient platform for business activities. The main objective is not only to provide business with nations but to help nations come close to each other. It helps to bring peace among nations through effective trade system.
The aim of the project is to study different aspects regarding high rise structures and world trade centre complex. The complex will enhance stability, peace, world trade and development leading to economic growth.


Case studies
Internet research
Documentaries( related to mega structures)
Library research
Meetings with client of world trade center’s association.

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The report covers a detailed description of world trade centre and services related to it. It also explains the important aspects regarding high rise buildings and effective measures to overcome the disastrous effects.

Case Studies & Site Analysis 




Project 3D 

Floor Plans

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basement plans


Structure and Services Study 

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