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Students Services Center

Location Comsats University Islamabad
Project Built Up Area 38000 sft.
Category Competition
Design Team Ar Faisal Arshad & Ar Sannah Ejaz
Building Components Student Cafe, Coffee Shop, Juice Shop, Print Shop and a Faculty Cafe

Comsats University Islamabad held a closed competition among in-house architects on the design of Students Services Centre at Islamabad Campus. Ar Faisal Arshad & Ar Sannah Ejaz’s submitted design proposal has been approved to be included as part of the TOR for the Design Build & Operate Tender floated.

The design program consists of a Student Cafe, Coffee Shop, Juice Shop, Print Shop and a Faculty Cafe with a estimated Built Up Area of around 38000 sft.

The building shall be one of the first Green Buildings in Islamabad with a substantial energy, water and material embodied heat savings being calculated (Self Review Mode) at a design concept stage through EDGE.

EDGE is a specialized software developed by International Finance Corporation of World Bank Group. The architects intend to certify the project and seek client’s consensus in doing so.

An innovation of IFC, EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is an online platform, a green building standard and a certification system for over 140 countries. The EDGE application helps to determine the most cost-effective options for designing green within a local climate context. EDGE can be used for buildings of all vintages, including new construction, existing buildings and major retrofits.

A project that reaches the EDGE standard of 20 percent less energy use, 20 percent less water use, and 20 percent less embodied energy in materials compared to a base case building can be independently certified. The value of EDGE certification is a promotional advantage, as customers benefit from lower utility bills.

EDGE is part of a holistic strategy to steer construction in rapidly urbanizing economies onto a more low-carbon path. It’s an example of IFC’s commitment to creating markets that are competitive, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.


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