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Passive cooling Strategies In Architecture

Passive cooling is a great way to design cool buildings…in the true sense of the word. If you are an architect who is working in temperate and warm climate zones, sit up..because in this video I will attempt to explain passive cooling strategies that will make you sound smart in front of clients, in less than 90 seconds! Passive cooling is a way keep a building comfortable by controlling the temperate. Simply put, it is about the balance between two things: minimizing the heat gain of a building and maximizing heat loss. As architects, we must employ techniques to ensure thermal comfort of people living within a space. First lets talk about heat gain. The building envelope receives sunlight during daytime. That is what makes a building warm. Building envelope refers to the roof, floors, walls and windows. In principle, we have to find ways to minimize heat gain through these four elements. Simple strategies include shading windows, and walls that are sun facing. Using lighter colors on the roof or using an insulation layer to reduce direct transfer of heat to the envelope. Using buffer zones or intermediate spaces in planning to keep the living and resting spaces protected by direct radiation is also an effective strategy Right, now let’s talk about heat loss. By maximizing heat loss, we can passively cool down a building. This can be achieved through architectural interventions like orientation and space planning at the start of the project, or natural ways, like utilizing air movement, evaporative cooling, reflection of radiation and cooling breezes..


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