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Mahin Husian & Verandah at Five

Type Retail
Location Karachi
Architecture Design Firm Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


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Designing a retail space for Mahin Husian & Verandah at Five, we realized that having a concept in the name itself can turn out to be really interesting, so we started with designing an interior space for a retail outlet having a very distinctive outdoors feel to it, that also specifically of a ‘verandah’.

The relaxed, homely and warm space, which falls in-between the outside and the inside. Going with the display of two brands we decided that the space should have an amalgamation of two spatial prototypes, the ‘verandah’ and a ‘catwalk’. As a first move we started with removing the sliding door panels and replacing them with another set of collapsible doors like the ones that open on the outside (but these ones preferably made of wood and glass as opposed to being wooden shutters). In case of an exhibition (and in favorable climatic conditions), this outlet can extend into the verandah affront the outlet, even if not opened to the outside, the outlet will always be visually connected to the open.


Thus we have designed this verandah in front of the lawn also, having a wooden bench (display for the products) set inside a light-washed gravel pit, with a candle stand beside it. We have done a wood panel ceiling on the verandah roof and ceramic motif tiles on the floor just to give it a certain amount of warmth and hung wind chimes, cast iron lanterns and metal cages from the ceiling, a few leather bean bags added to give it a more casual feel. This ambiance enters into the outlet with you, with customized display stands on the sides, a display bench placed in a gravel pit that is lit from the sides, and a raised platform/podium dividing the shop into two parts. We wanted to give this podium a feel that of a catwalk, raised and spot lit. And this doesn’t just end here, this raised platform actually has storage beneath it that is accessible from both sides, the side in front of the verandah entrance can be used for V@5 storage and the one opening on the other side can be used by MHA.

This raised catwalk can be used for the display of MHA for which we have suspended display racks from the ceiling made of threaded metal rods and metallic trays; one of the walls beside it is clad with rustic/ earthy bricks and the one opposite to it is done in a shiny colored finish (preferably made of back painted glass). We have painted the ceiling with tree branches and customized the display units in a way that they carry the metallic storage trunks (already present on site) till the desktop height. We will be converting these storage trunks in to storage drawers which can be accessed from the front. One of these units will have the attendant’s workstation in it. A bigger desk for Mahin has been placed facing the entrance and has two stools for the clients. The storage units are made of Aluminum posts (so they carry wiring of the top-lit shelves) wooden racks and metallic trunks altered into storage drawers. These units will be placed a bit detached from the walls and might have steel casters in order to make them movable and transportable.


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