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Burger Lab

Location North Nazimabad Karachi-Pakistan
Type hospitality
Design Consultants Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio

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We as a team at Apostrophe have been greatly inspired by the graphic and packaging design of ‘The Burger Lab’; being given the opportunity to analyze the existing outlets, we came to conclude that the interior design of the outlets wasn’t doing much justice to the accompanied graphics and packaging oomph.

The concept was well translated into the marketing deigns, however the concept failed to lead an edge to the interior design of the outlets. Some of the existing outlets of The Burger Lab, exude the aura of coffee shops and not much of fast-food burger joints. The branding and the interior design of these outlets depict the aesthetics of industrial units, with framed images of factory spaces, coming into the outlet design in the form of rustic and robust materials and finishes. With the experience in our mind, we started thinking afresh. Coming up with the verdict that the burger lab should definitely live up to its name and the outlets should look customized according to the branding and the name of the outlet. Hence, addressing a design hypocrisy that a burger lab should look and feel like a burger lab and not a burger factory. A factory is completely the opposite of a lab. We started by assuming what a burger lab should be like, hence developing an architype for a lab of burgers. A lab of burgers that sells burgers. A space nothing like a chemistry lab, but a lab customized for developing burgers to the liking of your taste buds.

We have developed a porotype for a burger lab, where there is no kitchen or sitting area for the customers but a uniform burger lab where you make burgers and offer them to the customers in the lab itself.


The sitting area and the kitchen are not separate. The space is the synthesis of a clean, sparkling and a bright laboratory, whites everywhere with splurges of the brand’s color, red and yellow. Clinical and funky.

Our ceiling and our floor read like diagrams, explaining the sitting zones, highlighting the elements of the interior design. The oil barrels split into half transform into tables with glass tops; the flipper, like the one present in the logo, becomes the chair and table in some areas. Some tables are designed like lab workstations with storage racks above the tables, where the flasks hold the range of burger lab sauces. You sit in a workstation and make your burger tasty to your own liking, waiters don’t bring you the sauces and the napkins, you have your supplies above you. These stations carry a flap that extends these tables to accommodate two more customers in a row. One of the central station is shaped like a microscope just to give it a little scientific feel.

The branding on the walls will be a breakup of the burgers in the menu, explaining their ingredients and recipes, exploded sketches of the burgers, explaining the composition of everything on the menu. The materials used are glossy and clean, perforated, powder coated metallic sheets, glass, rough brick painted glossy; reflections everywhere. The highlight of the ordering experience will be the main counter shaped like a conveyor belt. The whole shop illuminated by warm tube light carriers like in a lab The exterior is also conceptualized to look like that of a food lab. Large partially openable round windows and a solid door with dozens of eye piece lenses. Over all a space which makes a customer guess the name of the joint by merely looking at it.

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