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House Design

Type Residential
Location Lahore
Client Mr .Kashif Aslam
Covered Area 8,500 ft2
Cost 22 Million
Architecture Design Firm Kashif Aslam Associates


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The residence for Mr. Kashif Aslam is situated in Lahore. It is our belief that the character of the city is defined by the residential sector as it comprises of approximately 70% of the built city. Residential architecture should be on a human scale. The material used should be local materials. The character of the building should be contemporary but language should be rooted in local architectural style. The residence was designed keeping all these factors in mind.

The plans are simple and functional. The plot is east open. Longer sides of the plots are on North and south. All functional spaces are designed on North and South sides. Maximum glazing is provided on North and south. On North and West existed houses provide maximum shade to the structure. Further more all bathrooms are planned on western side to give protection to the liveable spaces. A deep veranda is provided infront of the main entrance. This protects the building from the rising son. The veranda leads to the main entrance which has only two slit windows. The rest of the entrance is in solid wood having intricate geometric patterns inspired from our historical buildings. The lobby is a double height lofted space with a cross vault on top. Adjascent to the entrance lobby is a double height atrium with a water body and bubbling fountains which provide a very pleasant sound. The stairs to the first floor is designed as a floating structure in the atrium. Large terraces with 5 feet high parapet walls are provided on the first floor for privacy. A roof garden and a barbecue area is designed on the terrace. The roof is also designed as a vegetable garden which provides added insulation. All external walls are cavity walls with insulation. All windows are double glazed.

A lap pool is designed with a water fall on the south side within the set backs. The pool is surrounded with large trees which provide shade and due to the presence of the water body and trees creates a microclimate. The pool also provides sound of falling water which is very pleasant.

The material used is Gutca with details in relief. The east and south sides are visible from the road and the brick details on the eastern and southern facades creates interesting shadows and break the monotony of the brick. The masses are simple with only one main design feature which is the lofted cross vault which is visible from every angle.




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