Regional Architecture | Farm House Design | By Suhail & Fawad Architects | Islamabad ,Pakistan


Farm House

Location Islamabad ,Pakistan
Clients Nayyara & Zareef Malik.
Style Regional Architecture

Architecture Consultant

Suhail & Fawad Architects

Project Architects Suhail A. Abbasi & Fawad S. Abbasi
Design Coordinator Yasir Nadeem
Design Team Suhail A. Abbasi, Fawad S. Abbasi, Yasir Nadeem, Salman J. Malik & Umer Sajjad


Structural Consultants Rabia Kashif & Kashif Sultan, M/s Design Structures, Islamabad


Electrical Consultant Ahmed Ali Tariq, M/s SEM Islamabad
Main Contractor Zulfiqar Upal, M/s Zulfiqar & Sons, Islamabad
Woodwork Contractor Sultan M. Qureshi, M/s SMQ Contractors
Landscape Design Suhail & Fawad Architects
Photography Salman J. Malik

Farmhouse 5A is located in the outskirts of Islamabad and is the 5th residence designed for the clients by the firm. The land area is divided in two; one accommodating the main house and the other portion contains vegetable & fruit gardens.

The site is utilized keeping in view the usability and introverted views that are primary in a scale of this nature and where the site seems to open towards all sides. These limitations also determine the direction of the project at times. In this case the client decided to give the architects a free hand and only be restricted due to side setbacks but open views towards the farm and self created courtyards.

The house is divided into private and semi privates areas with a connected annex that opens into the central courtyard. The corridors connect these formal spaces for the guests and the informal family areas through transition courts and arched skylights that seem to bind these natural lit spaces.


The prayer room is accentuated by a large arch visible from the entry level and paced almost at the center of the plan.

The residence is a single story unit with a longish entrance arched corridor and an entry foyer of skylights bringing in natural light throughout the day time. The residence consists of a series of courtyards that provide ample light and ventilation to corridors and rooms surrounding it. The architect’s signature brick work is seen throughout the residence with detailed, arches, lintels and brick columns.

The architects like always considered the neighborhood surroundings and also the climate of the region before conceptualizing the layouts. They allowed a year-round appreciation of the outside, carefully orienting the sun path and glazing towards where its best appreciated.

The design team under the project architects was able to maximize the usage and look at a cost effective way to complete the project. The building was part of the Banjaiga’s Master’s Open House on 10 November 2018 shown to over a 100 visitors through a guided bus tour conducted by the Principal Designers and their team.


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