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Ar.Rimsha Cheema

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Project:  Leisure Grafting ( rejuvenating the vanishing souls through leisure )

Location: Between the kharian & sarai alamgir , on main GT road . Neighborhood Grand City Kharian/saraialamgir .

Project Description 

In our part of the world it is a reality that there are limited sources for quality leisure and pleasure hours and the need for recreational outlets in any urban city cannot be over emphasized. Sadly people are involved in all these activities which are only a passive experience where they simply sit on a couch and try to find entertainment. There is little mental interaction and even little movement. Productive and healthy activities are nowhere in the list of leisure, recreational and entertainment. The need of the time is to provide a space in a growing city, which fulfills the requirements of recreational, entertainment and leisure but at the same time caters the needs of physical and mental participation. There must be an architectural incentive for this social issue which caters all the fun and productive activities and acts as a communal binder & one stop destination for the whole family.It is time to affect change. It is time to design and to encourage an architecture that promotes user awareness, not only through its own intrinsic spatial values, but also through the services that it renders unto its users; An architecture that shuns barriers instead of users and allows for great accessibility to all users, irrespective of gender, age or social background. People are the life of the city and public spaces serve as nodes in the city where people gather and celebrate the goodness of life.

Project Features

  • Joyland
  • cinemas
  • malls
  • Food courts
  • Crafts exhibition
  • Bazars
  • water activity
  • cafes
  • Restaurants

Project Animation 

Project by

Ar.Rimsha Cheema

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