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We started the exercise of our first ever pharmacy project by analyzing all the pharmacy stores we have been to in our city and around the globe as well. Our observations of all the best elements of health stores, reflected more on the qualities rather than design elements. We came up with a few very focused decisions to take up for the design of this pharmacy store. Pharmacies all across use the first aid and pharmacy signs in an eye catching manner, in order to make themselves visible from afar and at night time also, for the benefit of locating them easily in case of perplexing emergencies.

Pharmacy stores generally offer a very boring experience, in Pakistan mostly the drug stores offer medicines from behind the counter, there is less customer interaction involved, however with changing times, even medicine stores have many gadgets and impulse items for display and sales. We looked at how we can make the pharmacy attain a look associated with liveliness, cleanliness, interactivity and most of all we wanted to give it a symbolic appeal full of symbols and signs associated with health and sciences to make it appear connected with the customers in an optimistic manner. We have added a retail area for health related gadgets at the end of the shop and named it gadget-tree, pun intended, to imply gadgetry and a tree of gadgets.

We wanted to make it look like a tree house, the gadget-tree-house, comes at the end of the journey of this pharmacy store. Before that, the first thing you see when you approach the store either in a car or on foot, is a pulsating life line outside, visible from a distance. When inside, the capsule display, capsule lighting, one piece epoxy floor that wraps up on columns, and blister pack inspired false ceilings along with tablet shaped counter tops and lighting bulk heads set with inspirational quotes, make way for a healthy and happy experience of an enlightened pharmacy store. We wanted to keep the colors vibrant in order to give it a lively and a fresh feel.


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