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Natural History Museum

Type Academic Projects
Location Lahore ,Pakistan
Area 9 Acres | 71.4 kanals | 321,300 sq ft
Student Aitzaz Ul Hassan
Roll no B.Arch  14214
University Superior University of Lahore


Pakistan ministry of science foundation proposed two museum in Pakistan, one was built in Islamabad in (1976) due to less collection of specimen they built only one museum. now the specimen collection is greater than 3lac and the natural history museum Islamabad does not have enough space to Display all the collection. that’s was purpose the new natural history museum in Lahore.

The project shall include a comprehensive museum dedicated to the natural history of earth and the universe, a research center and related facilities as well as some support facilities. The project aimed to provide public education, entertainment and experience the past natural history.


·        To understand the natural world and our place in it. A natural history museum is a complete demonstration of how nature, man and human culture function. Interpretation of present environment in the light of past.

·        To discover, describe, and interpret the significance of new facts, new organisms and pattern in the natural and cultural world.

·        To interpret the natural world as an interconnected, interdependent system, and interpret the nature of the human connection to that system.

·        To interpret the dynamics, causes and consequences of biological, cultural and geological change the evolution, and communicate the importance of these patterns to research colleagues and the public. To engage, enrich and educate visitors through first hand experiences with objects so that they discover the meaning and value of our collections as world-class resources.

·        To actively engage benefactors and visitors in the process and results of the museums research and demonstrate its meaning and relevance to their lives.

·        To generate research based education programs and material that address national education standards and act as models for other research and educational institutions.

·        To be a recognized and valued source of accurate, objective information to assists corporate, governmental or individual decision-maker In promoting responsible use and conserve of the world’s cultural and natural resources.

·        To collaborate with like institutions to exchange Ideas, strategies, and solutions to common interpretive concerns.

·        The research facilities in museum attract many scholars, researchers and students to conduct their research work, which would help to explore the nature and natural environment a meaningful way.

The Scope of the project

  • To study the natural history of specimen to get the better understanding of designing natural history museum.
  • To study the fields of acoustics, lighting and set designing while designing the different galleries of different exhibition things.
  • New technologies i.e. Hologram, 360 theater.
  • Plan for curator space where staff can work without interruptions.
  • Ideally, plan a research space where the public can use the museum’s reference library, resources, and appropriate collection information.
  • If there are museum guides or attendants, ensure they have a comfortable place to sit; somewhere to store their belongings; a place to have refreshments, away from the collection.
  • To prepare a design, keeping in mind the references taken from the past, i.e. the present museums incorporating it for the present needs and capable of future needs.
  • The museum will be equipped with all optimum facilities that are required and the design will be enough to accommodate anticipated changes.
  • The building must be designed with relevance to its location and all aspects of infrastructure, social interaction and context must be considered.
  • Use technology for experience the museum.
  • Provide seating at strategic points throughout the museum.


While selecting the site, the following issues are to be taken into consideration:

·        It should be easily accessible for the visitors, researcher as well as employees but at the same time, it should be clearly separated from the residential areas of the city.

·        The site should be ideally located at a place of some historical importance or the road facing the site should be of some historical, culture or commercial importance. The road on which the site is located should be some major roads.

·        The site should have proper infrastructure facilities, i.e. water supply, electricity and gas supply, telephone and sewerage system.

·        The building spaces and structures adjacent close or nearby to the site should no to be such that they would disturb the proper functioning of the museum and the facilities provided with it


Landscape areas are quite an attractive and interesting part of any building, same in the case here, For this purpose, walking tracks are provided which pass through the outdoor display areas, botanical garden and organic water creek i.e. for the researchers and common public interesting landscape areas are provided

1.     Botanical garden

2.     Water garden

Nursery is also provided in the botanical garden so that people may purchase plants according to their interest and need.

A walk-through water garden is also proposed which would include algae ponds, mud pond for liver-warts and ferns, aquariums for aquatic plants and some species and also give the outdoor water ride where people can experience the past history of animals and aquatic animals.

Project Scale Model 

Thesis Display 

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Project Animation 


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