Modern Mosque | By SCHEMATICS | Pakistan Navy-Karachi



Location Khalid SRE Compound of Pakistan Navy-Karachi
Type religious
Year 2015

Architecture Design Firm



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Design Team  

Farhan Zia , Zahed Mohiuddin


Plot Size 1500 square yards

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

Frank Gehry


The Mosque is located in Khalid SRE Compound of Pakistan Navy, a housing for Sailors. The 1500 square yards Plot had already been reserved in the master planning with a Park space allocated adjacent to it on one side and a Hospital on the other. The Compound is located near the Sandspit Beach.
The design brief was Gents Prayer Hall with Toilet and Ablution, a small Ladies Prayer Hall with same facilities and Imam’s Office. The project was completed in 2015.

As has been observed in many mosques, the prayer hall becomes so heated up during the day, that except for Zohr prayer, all the remaining prayers are offered in Verandah and Sehan. The main focus of design was to make the prayer hall escape from harsh sun, and be naturally ventilated enough to offset the humid environment of Karachi.

A box within a box was thus thought of, that would keep the inner structure [the Prayer Hall] protected from harshness of Sun. The form was developed into the outer box elevated and cantilevered on all sides that allows unobstructed natural light and ventilation while keeping it safe from direct sun beams.

Tensile Retractable Fabric was planned to cover the roof instead of concrete covering as it is used only once a week for Friday prayers apart from occasional large congregations. The high walls and the Fabric provide shade to Main Prayer Hall roof.

As the housing is a new development with few inhabitants, the Service block was left a single storey for now but has a provision for another floor for future. Similarly, the First Floor can be converted into a proper enclosure with the casting of a new slab in place of tensile fabric if need arises.

As a further environment consideration, a separate discharge tank was kept for reusing drain water from Ablution for feeding the green areas of Mosque and adjacent Park. While the overall appurtenance is very contemporary on the onset, Jalis were introduced as claddings that give a glimpse of the traditional detailing.

Being a sea side corrosive environment, intricate details that would erode in time were avoided. A special coating was developed instead of normal paint that could withstand corrosion. The same material was used for casting the Jalis used for cladding and screening of Service Block.




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