Modern House Design | By ARK – 1 Kanal House | Naval Anchorage – Islamabad


Modern House

Location Naval Anchorage – Islamabad
Plot Size 1 kanal | 500 sq yd   50′-0” x 90′-0”

Architecture Design Firm


Photo Credit Roman Chaudhry

A city situated on a land that is entirely composed of bumps and dips, the only vibrant architectural feature that could be seen is an overhead water-tank, mostly in blue. A mass thoroughly defining a fine contour would be exceptional with a backdrop of a playful slope. The pedigree of practice worries more about the facade, but in an environment where the key spaces fight for the front, or else open to the setback aisles, it’s more of a gamble between spaces, struggling to achieve a possible view or light. Neighborhood offers fortified windows with harsh fence-lines.

The entire composition is based upon the idea of creating a light-well at the heart of the site, dividing the mass into three rectangles that run parallel to the length,the middle one is nothing but a secret courtyard, whereas the other two-wings conserve the calmness in between.

The inward-looking house completely closes itself off from the street except for the entrance and illuminates the entrance floor.

Primarily, the intention was to infuse nothingness in the middle of the crowded row of houses and create enough re-creational space for family orchestration, a microcosm, closed but dramatized by light. The walls to the court are re-imagined as the neighborhood, letting all spaces bleed outwards into the exterior, prolonging the view-line,cherishing even the feeble aspect of the context.

The abandoned shrubbery looks a bit groomed through the lens of the void. Now,the cracked open house is a house to light.


Project Schematics 


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