Modern House Design | By 360 Design Estate – 5 Marla House

  • Location : Lahore
    25′ x 45′
    A split level house design with 5 bedrooms . It was a bit challenging to accommodate 5 bedrooms in a small space .
    The lower ground has a master bedroom , kitchen ,living area and drawing room.
    The mid level comprises of 2 bedrooms and 2 baths  with small kitchen ans store. The other two bedrooms are at top level with terrace garden at roof .
    The other interesting aspect of client requirement was to have a house with minimum operational cost in terms of energy consumption. The roof of the house will be green area with 12 Inch mud depth for vegetation and grass .
    The direct sun light has been shielded with box louvers at front. Patios receive diffused sin light and provide ventilation for interior space.
    We have proposed to recycle and re use water from wash basins showers for irrigation purpose . More over all the toilets will be equipped with efficient Water closets with 1.25 gallons per flush unlike the conventional WC’s which sue 3-4 gallons per flush.

    Construction Tip 

    Construction Cost in Lahore 

    Construction cost of Grey Structure (Without Finishes)= 1300-1400 Rs per sqft

    Approximate Area of 5 Marla Double Story House= 2200-2400 Sq Ft

    Approximate Cost Of 5 Malra house(Grey Structure Only)=30-35 Lacs PKR

    Approximate Total Cost of 5 Marla House(GRADE A)= 45-50 Lacs PKR

    A+ Construction starts from 2400 PKR per sqft

  • Project by 360 Design Estate

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