Contemporary Farm House Design | By AEO – Islamabad


 Farm House

Location Islamabad Farms
Client Col. Nauman
Area 750 sq yd

Architecture Design Firm



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Located in Islamabad farms, the site, covered with lush green plantations all around -for a moment- engulf viewers into its clean, serene and peaceful surroundings. The basic idea was to utilize the area given in way that kind of breaks the conventional standards of a farmhouse, yet, maintains a significant balance between the indoor and outdoor spaces; thereby, giving a transparent and clean look to the inhabitants bringing the outside in.

Out of 5500 sq yards land owned by the client, 750 sq yards were utilized for design development as per given requirements : leaving 75% for cultivation purposes. Moreover, a water body exists in the vicinity of allotted land which the client wanted to retain at the back. Further requirements fulfilled during design developments were: space for library, four bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, entrance foyer and open terraces catering maximum views outside.

Not only bringing the outside in, our other major approach was to resolve everything functionally- keeping in mind the sun and wind direction, proper natural ventilation and cooling systems within.


Finally, a notable protruding mass introduced on the first floor that is a master bedroom (with a terrace outside) which is connected to the rest of the house through a glass bridge. This 37′ extended mass is the prominent architectural feature of the farmhouse at the entrance which provides shade to the parked cars and also enhance the entrance. The main entrance foyer is double heighted which connects the upper level to the lower level and create sense of connectivity to the end user.


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