Commercial Building Design | By Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio | Anjarawala Bakery Building , Karachi -Pakistan


Anjarawala Bakery Building

Location Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi -Pakistan
Type Retail, Industrial
Plot Area 600 sq yd
Covered Area 300 sq yd
No of Floors GF + 3
Architecture Design Firm Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio

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Project Site 

The building that we have designed for the Anjarwala Bakery is situated in an area that has a history of more than a hundred and fifty years, however the nature of business in the surrounding areas has reduced it to being just a congested thoroughfare for the public transport. The urban character of the streets in the neighborhood never gets to come out into the open due to an onslaught of heavy vehicles and their pollution, both visual and acoustic. We have conceived the interior of our bakery and factory building as an imaginary progression of these streets in to the modern times. How the urban spaces had looked if they were completely pedestrianised and in sync with the aesthetic rather than the pragmatic requirements of the area. We have brought in the stone flooring, the wooden ceilings, the old-style street signages, the Copper bells, the pipe racks, glossy tile walls, rugged wood, Edison bulbs lighting (in between modern track lights) and in the centre of all the visual drama we have parked a freight bicycle, reflective not only of the olden times but many baker bicycles are still seen in the surrounding areas. An environment that would make you feel like you are inside one of the internal streets of the area, renovated and celebrated with the heart of a resident of the surrounding streets.

Exterior Design 


Ground Floor Bakery
First Floor Café
Second Floor Factory
Third Floor   Factory




Having designed the building for Anjarwalla Bakery, Café and Factory, we started doing the interiors for the three different projects within the same building. Having done a modern architecture design for the building, we moved on to an imaginative take on the interior design of the bakery on the ground floor. However, we decided to veer away from the similar interior design for the café on the first floor. We wanted it to be more contextual and reflect the design of the age-old streets of Saddar; the area in which the project is placed. We did a very traditional design for the café, taking the idea of windows, celebrating the vintage design of the windows you see all around the site.

Playing with the concept of sitting under the windows, portals and arches, we created a complex vista of windows inside the café. Client didn’t like the idea much, so we moved on to another option of designing a contextual yet a very ambitious café. Placed right at the beginning of Karachi’s Paper Market, we decided to take inspiration from the premises in specific. A paper market café, made from paper, paper folds, paper modeling and paper types. We started with a very dynamic medley of textures and forms, ended up with a much more sophisticated outcome.



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