Cinepax at Gujranwala-Kings Mall by Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative (Interior Images)


    Project by  Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative

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    (021) 3524 2629/42 & 3585 7990/57

    Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative (Pvt.) Ltd. is anArchitecture, Interior Design and Planning firm based in Karachi, Pakistan. NBCL was incorporated in 2006 through the collaboration and pooling of the expertise, experience and resources of two ESTABLISHED architectural practices of Pakistan, viz., Misbah Najmi &Associates  (MNA), formed in 1975, and Bilgrami & Faruque (B&F), formed in 1972. The two firms have collectively designed over 3000 projects at an estimated current MARKET cost of Rs.45 billion (approx. US $750 million).


    Architectural Photography by: Rana Atif Rehman

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    contract at: 0300-8048799

    The professional ‘Architectural Photography Service’ was launched by RDC in the year 2011. Having an experience of over 6 years particularly documenting and photographing the building and real estatedevelopment project for various firms and developers across Pakistan, our work has been exhibited at various national level forums, magazine, journal, furniture websites related to the field of Architecture & Building Industry.

    Our Aim

    We can take your marketing to a whole new visual and aesthetic level. The difference between good visual marketing and GREAT visual marketing is hiring the right architectural photographer to portray your project, company, or product in the best possible light. Ever thought why does the same group of firms consistently get their architectural photographs published? Why do they win awards year after year? Why do some real estatedevelopments get so much local and foreign investments? This is because they invest in the highest quality architectural photographer, understanding that even the most impressive architecture and construction development can be further enhanced by hiring the very best architectural photographer for the job. With high-quality portfolio images for your websites and elsewhere, we help increase your clientele.

    Our Coverage

    • Architecture – Interiors – Landscapes
    • Furniture Showrooms – Outlets – Products
    • Bungalows – Farm housesApartments
    • Hotel – Restaurants – Café
    • Shops – Boutiques – Jewelry Shops
    • Corporate Office
    • Housing & Infrastructure Developments

    Our Clients

    There are many different niche markets where we as an architectural photographer put our focus on. Here is a list of professions and people we consider working for exclusively:

    • Architects
    • Builders
    • Developers
    • Corporate Office
    • Hotel-Café
    • Restaurant
    • NGO’s
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Organization
    • Furniture Designer & Vendors
    Construction Companies
    • Heritage Related Government
    • Design Firms
    • Interior Designer

    Currently RDC has over 170 clients for which we have provided Architectural & Construction Photography services and the clientele keeps on growing due to our hi-quality work.

    Our Services:

    Photography is not about just clicking pictures in a random manner with any camera. For highly professional and commercial work, we provide our client with 18MP resolution images with a variety of lenses. There are no extra charges for hi-resolution images. The good aspect of hi-res images is that they can be published in large size without any inconvenience to the client.

    Construction – Architectural Photography:

    We focus on providing our services on time to our client. We prefer to work on a few days notice. This is particularly important because of the bulk of work we have to document. Thus our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide you with the best of our photography without any delay.

    Wide Angle Lens:

    Our lens provide you with maximum coverage of interior areas even in the most congested space.

    Night Time Photography:

    Even the most boring architecture can come alive at night – in fact many modern buildings and city centers are designed specifically with night time in mind. After dark these buildings are lit by dozens of lights which bring color and vibrancy, and cast fantastic shadows across the face of the building.

    Panoramic View:

    To see a larger picture of the area, we provide exclusive high resolution panoramic views of construction site and urban spaces


Info-360 is an Online Architecture Projects Directory which has evolved into a Complete Portal to Pakistan Architecture, Construction , Real Estate and Academics. It was Started Back in 2014 by Architect Abdul Ahad ,Graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore . The Idea Behind info-360 is to provide a single platform for Architects,Contractors ,Students to Display their work and Business Profile and to create a 1- Stop Information source for Visitors.

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