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Dimensions Office is your ‘out-of-the-box’ office furniture and workspace solutions company in Karachi. At Dimensions, we believe that the spaces in which we work have a direct impact on productivity and creativity. Be it a small workspace for a 5-6 member team or a large-scale operation for a multinational, Dimensions has solutions to make it aesthetically innovative, comfortable, practical and most of all, simplifies info sharing among human resources. The firm has worked with many renowned architects such as Naheed Mashooqullah, Ejaz Ahad, Tariq Hassan, Anwar Quettawala, Husnain Lotia, Ahsan Najmi and Rashid Rasheed.

Dimensions manufactures futuristic, productive and participative workspaces enabling companies to innovate and increase the speed of business growth. The highest quality products are used which are imported mostly European raw materials (veneers, high pressure laminates, ABS edgings, cable management systems). Some of the most popular items include workstations, Executive Desks, Merryfair Chairs, Conference Tables and Reception Desks.

Dimensions considers customer service a priority and is passionate about helping people create work spaces that they enjoy and love to work in. Ideal candidates for their services include multinational companies and growing local companies with educated senior management that values its human resource and is willing to spend on the workplace to increase their productivity while providing them a comfortable and healthy work experience.

Dimensions has partnered with Merryfair Seating systems of Malaysia, a leading manufacturer of high quality chairs with a vast product range that competes with the best the world has to offer.

Visit our showroom in Karachi to view the range of products available.

The list of satisfied domestic and multinational clients is a reflection of the company’s experience and reliability. The team’s commitment to the future is to continue responding to clients’ confidence and of developing trends in office design that will shape the workplace in the corporate world of the future.