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Cardiac Care Hospital

Location Abdul Sattar Edhi Road, Lhr, Pakistan
Type Academic Project |


Area 2.7 Acre | 118,000 sq ft
Year 4th
Institute UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE ,Pakistan


At least 12 Pakistanis die every hour due to a heart attack while more than 1/3 of all deaths in Pakistan are caused by cardiovascular diseases. Punjab being most populous amongst provinces and Lahore being most populous amongst cities; demands specialized facilities, yet economic, to serve every social division and city.

The site is located in the south of Lahore, beside Abdul Sattar road; connected by the 3 main roads i.e M2, Multan road and Raiwand road, that receive user from within the city, neighboring cities and also small villages that reside along M2. There’s no Cardiac Specialized Hospital in the area nearby, which carries all facilities under one roof for the user.

Hospitals today have become a dead place itself in terms of design, plan and space. Hospitals are the places people seek their hopes, health and life from; and these places have themselves lost their peace, liveliness and comfort and have failed healing via their architecture.

I believe, Nature attains incomparable healing power. Our body has the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. This internal healing is supported by our connection with nature. Being in nature restores us, calms us, and gives us perspective.

There’s a long list of studies that show how contact with nature benefits mental and physical health in quite specific, and sometimes surprising, ways. One of the first clinical studies showed that surgical patients who had a view of trees out their hospital window healed faster, needed less pain medication and had fewer complications than patients with a view of a brick wall. In one South Korean study, scientists used MRI to examine participants’ brains as they viewed either nature scenes or urban scenes. While scenes of nature activated regions of the brain linked to happiness, insight and free-thinking, urban images stimulated regions associated with stress, fear and anxiety. In 1993 Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden randomly assigned 160 heart surgery patients in the intensive care unit to one of six conditions: simulated “window views” of a large nature photograph (an open, tree-lined stream or a shadowy forest scene); one of two abstract paintings; a white panel; or a blank wall. Surveys afterward confirmed that patients assigned the water and tree scene were less anxious and needed fewer doses of strong pain medicine than those who looked at the darker forest photograph, abstract art or no pictures at all.

My concept is to change the idea of hospitals as dead places. A place which delivers hope, health and life through its architecture. A place that communicates with the patient, with the attendant, with every user, absorbs anxiety, fear, tension and convey peace, relief, patience.  Following the principles of Green Architecture, combining nature and hospital, bridging the lost connection between nature and human, in such a fashion that creates an exceptional healing and sustainable building.

Every room with smart glass; wall sized windows, opening into terraces with greenery, welcoming fresh air, natural habitat for birds, their pleasant sound, natural light all day; canceling artificial light usage, merging and putting patients on the roads of recovery.

Skillfully designed, well-lit seating areas for the attendants and also connecting them with the nature via wide windows. Creating a hospital and using both; the medicines and nature to heal.

Floor Plans 

Download High Resolution Images of the Project  


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