Building Material | Cool Bricks – 3D Printed Porous Ceramic Bricks For Heat Reduction

Cooling through evaporation is natural occurrence. One of the most common example is perspiration or sweat. As perspiration evaporates it absorbs heat to cool your body.

The principle underlying evaporative cooling is the fact that water must have heat applied to it to change from liquid to a vapor. When evaporation occurs, this heat is taken from the water that remains in the liquid state resulting in a cooler liquid.

Before the advent of refrigeration evaporative cooling was used for millennia. Porous ceramic vessels were used to cool water by evaporation through their walls.

Inspired by the muscatese evaporative cooling window which combines a wood screen or mashrabiya and

a ceramic vessel with water, the cool brick masonry system is used to build walls that passively cool interior in desert environments. It demonstrates technology that could male a radical change to home energy use in arid regions.

The firm behind this incredible innovation has been using eco friendly and recycled materials in past.

In this new technique they have combined ancient technology with modern 3d printing to reduce cooling costs as global temperature rise. With Only water needed for cooling effect this technology will eventually lead to slashing energy cost by reducing the need for mechanical cooling units.



It is comprised of 3D printed porous ceramic bricks set in mortar, each brick absorb water like a sponge and is designed as 3-dimensional lattice that allows air to pass through the wall. As air moves through the 3D printed brick the water that is held in the micro pores of the ceramic evaporates bringing cool air into an interior environment, lowering the temperature using the principle of evaporative  cooling.

The bricks are modular and interlocking and be stacked together to make a screen. The 3D Lattice creates a strong bond when set in mortar. The shape of the brick also creates a shaded surface on the wall to keep a large percentage of the walls surface cool and protected from the sun to improve the walls performance.

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