Architecture Thesis | Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MCCA)

Project Title :  Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MCCA)

Thesis By Isra Shuja

Institute University of Engineering and Technology

Lahore ,Pakistan.

Year 2018



Comics are a medium used to express ideas by images, often combined with text or other visual information, conveying diverse stories and ideas which overcome language and cultural barriers, connecting people around the world and heavily inspiring artists and designers in other fields like filming, painting and even architecture. While reading the works, it is impossible to read it without encountering the nuances and styles of the artist. People can imagine their lives in a different scenario, be a different person, and escape their own reality. While reading these the reader is immersed in the world within, though unreal, he still feels and relates to emotions and settings laid out by the author.

Event like comic con, festivals and museums (though on smaller social platforms) around Pakistan, spark public interest and help the spread of this media. But the cartoonists are not receiving the recognition they deserve and as a result, a lot of talent is being wasted.

The thesis proposes solutions to cater the needs of the growing comic enthusiasts and the art profession. 

Proposing a space where people can learn about this art form, its history and origins, looking at works of other artists and be immersed in the worlds proposed in these books through technology and architecture. Providing an area where people can openly enjoy and socialize (cosplay, comic-con). Being a new leisure spot in the area it can serve as a tourist attraction and also a retreat for people who do not generally read comics. The building aims to symbolize the essence of comics through its design and location.


Stories are the fuel for our minds, it is a basic instinct of ours to share our experiences and connect with others. As children, we all have made stories with the shapes in the clouds or shadows on the ground. These stories become our inspiration, an image of a world we want to live in and the type of person we want to be. Comics have always been a powerful expressive tool, at least in the lives of those who consider it a valid form of art. As architects, we urge to create new and meaningful experiences for the user, always striving to achieve a synaesthesia. The vivid and eventful life in the comic pages should be available for everyone to experience.

We are all storytellers, at least in some form. When we sit down with family at dinner, meet with friends and even at work, we are constantly narrating stories about our daily lives, ideas, and even our fantasies and at night, we again see stories in the form of dreams. This aspect of ours makes us more human than our genetic modeling. As a child we start to dream about the world we live in, our future, relying on our creative potential and imagination to create worlds like Neverland, where you never age and the fun continues forever. As we grow older this instinct does not leave us but we start to rely on others to provide us with the daily doses in the form of TV, movies, novels, and art.

Creative people around the world have created storytelling masterpieces that made us laugh, cry and even scream with horror. Some have even used these to bring about major social changes. Comic artists have created a heaven of stories for the avid readers, often providing more diverse and rich stories than other mediums.

Project Site :


The program comprises of three blocks

  • Museum,
  • Library,
  • Education and Administration.


The galleries have been divided in 3 based on the life, working and outcomes of comics.

GALLERY 1 (Life):

Collection wall:An interactive digital display of popular comics, users can input the category or genre they like and they will be guided to the relevant items and their location in the museum. It will be the main point as it will also function as a news board displaying information about the new releases and popular comics.

Time tunnel: Take a walk down this tunnel to get a quick glimpse into the wonderful and happening history of comic books.

Blank page: Just like the fresh page of an artist, start your journey with a blank canvas, use the hints, props and art supplies around to scribble on the walls floors, anywhere you like and let your creativity flow.

Offices: What does the work station of different comic artist feels like, sit in their chair, look into their mind and feel the creativity they felt.

GALLERY 2 (Working):

Public speaking gallery: The gallery where you can read aloud your favorite stories or read one of your own creations, expressing them as you please. Enjoy the pleasure of reading and being read to.

Build your own story: Take a walk through this gallery and by the end, you would have your own new story. Make decisions and solve puzzles and interact with the exhibits to get a new experience each time.

Immersion: step into the world of your favorite comics. Experience how principles like rhythm, balance, closure etc. can affect human perception.

Pak-com: Highlighting the talent of our country this gallery will familiarize the visitor with local artists and their works.

GALLERY 3 (Outcomes):

Room of collectibles:The heaven for all geeks, a room filled comic merchandise. The rooms will hold things ranging from miniatures, collectibles to original props and models.

Supply store:Hold the different art supplies available and test them out, understanding the media and options in the world of comic art

Plushie room:Relax and enjoy in the cute room filles with your favourite characters as plushies.



The library will have dedicated section for children comics, manga, American and Pakistani comics.

  • Audio section will be present for the blind.
  • Quiet and noisy areas will be segregated.
  • Separate level for children.


The education block will be connected to the library and will house:

  • Studios and teacher offices.
  • Costume and prop making
  • Story creation and telling


The administration block will constitute of:

  • Director office
  • Staff work space
  • Maintenance office

Floor Plans 

Building Elevations

Project 3d 

Complete  Project Presentation 



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