Architecture Thesis | Aquatic Museum | NED University OF Engineering


Aquatic Museum

Type Cultural Building
Location Kiamari Town Karachi
Year 2012
Student Zakir Irfan
University NED University OF Engineering

My thesis deeply associated with my life exposure, I often visit sea view, Clifton and other costal areas of Karachi. I always used to think about the depth of sea but my thoughts remain constant at bottom level due to limitation


.After coming in architecture I have got a golden chance to explore my thoughts regarding deepness of sea and marine life therein. We are so lucky that nature has bestowed us Arabic ocean and we can explore it and discover the astonishing marine life , but unlike other countries we could not explore it until now, and could not be able to give awareness to the general public about its species, and the marine life . In our context we have extensive type of aquatic species (stripes) but we are not aware of them as they are not exploring yet. There is a factual need to create awareness so that even ordinary people can respect and learn to live in a symbiotic relationship with nature. The design purpose of study is actually to create a space that we educate people opportunity to learn through observations and explorations to enhance the community understanding, appreciation and support for marine life. It is also analyzed that because of unawareness people are cheapening the natural resources that GOD has bestowed us. People even do not know the importance of eco system and its impact on our lives and advantages we are availing from the usage of natural resources.




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