Architecture Competition Project | Supreme Court Karachi | By Raees Faheem Associates |Winning Entry



Supreme Court  Karachi 

Category Competition Project
Location Karachi -Pakistan
Architecture Design Firm Raees Faheem Associates


Design Team
Ar. Faheem Ahsan Jamil
Ar. Aziz ur Rehman
Ar. Shahan Justin
Ar. Hassaan Amjad
Ar. Arwa Hassan Zaheer
Ar. Asad Anwar
Ar . Shahbaz Alam

The Project envisaged as Supreme Court Building, Karachi, has been evolved/ designed, at the site, keeping in mind the design parameters and site challenges.

In response to the context, a precise consideration has been focused on the form of the main building, Supreme Court of Pakistan, being the supreme judicial component of the state, the form meant “BOLD, STRONG, FEELING OF PRESENCE”. So a circular form has been adopted. When visualized from the front, a strong presence is felt, that feeling is carried onwards all along the curved facade. The façade has been further accentuated by a tall colonnade.


The colonnade (group of eight columns on both sides) of main door, symbolically signify the figure of eight in Islamic geometry. Surah (Al Hakeem) Verses 13-18, The Quran describes “So when the Trumpet is blown… and about them eight will bear that day Allah Throne of Power.” It refers to the Hamalat Al-Arsh and the Day of Judgment.


Patterns of octagon (eight pointed stars) have been used mostly on the floors jali (seven) patterns, fountain, and pavements. The main building complex presents is a design underlying the nature of Islamic geometry, it represents the Islamic Unity of the State of Pakistan.

The plan has been developed in a circular form unifying all work spaces, spatially with efficiency. As one of the common shapes in nature, circle has been symbolically, reflected as sign of creation. The circle of unity, is the most significant form, for it contains a circumference revolving around a fixed center.



We have visualized



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