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Previously, we discussed what the types of components of our residential design system were…If you haven’t watched that video, you can find the link below.

watch it…But in this video, we will discuss hot, sinful and polygamous relationships between the sequence of spaces inside our residential design system. OOOO..It’s getting hot in here. Architectural spaces are in a constant relationship with each other. Most of these relationships are of convenience; we need entrance lobbies to act as holding areas for a large number of people who are either entering or exiting a building. So the sequence of spaces is determined by the function of the space, alongside other factors, that we are not going to get into at the moment. Let’s come back to our residential design system and talk about the spaces in a house.

A house has more or less the following components:

1. Bedroom

2. Toilets/bathrooms

3. Storage room

4. Lounge

5. Living room

6. Dining

7. Kitchen

8. Pantry

9. Foyer

10. Staircase

11. Hallways More or less…That a rudimentary list of rooms in a house….

Architectural Design #3 | How Architects Design – Components of “House” Design | Design Hustle


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