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In this video, we will take a deeper dive into our “Residential Design System”… If you haven’t watched the previous video where I outlined the basics of the system, I suggest you pause the video right here, go down in the links and watch it …done? Great! Put on your wetsuit or whatever the fuck you wear to keep warm and let’s go for a swim! As you know by now, a house is a combination of Components, modules, and units. When designing a house, it is the architect`s responsibility to create various ordering systems to base the composition of spaces on. In other words, we have to build meaningful relationships between spaces, based on some sort of logic. For example, …if your priority is good views, then one of the ordering systems dictating your design has to be good views, forcing most of your spaces towards maximizing that priority. But we will start off with ordering the space around these three types of components: 1) Private Components 2) Communal Components 3) Transient components 1) Private Components Private components are spaces or rooms where private life takes place…often in an individual capacity or at most in twos…like a couple–.sleeping… in their bedroom, a teenager taking a ….(cough) shower in the bathroom and so forth. 2) Communal Components Communal or Public components are spaces where the occupants of the house entertain or interact with each other or outsiders in groups. Think of family-time in the living room, where the whole family enjoys watching Dora and friends for the hundredth time…a loving couple gets to fight over who gets to wash the dishes in the kitchen after dinner…a family of 12 siblings entertaining awkward interactions with new nosey neighbors….etc 3) Transient (or connecting) Components Transient or connecting components are spaces that have the primary function of acting as a “Buffer” or “Connecting” various spaces… they combine communal to private or communal to communal, or private to private or private to communal together, without having the benefits of either the private or the communal space… Imagine how being friend zoned feels..that’s what a transient space is…so close and yet so far!


Design Hustle is a creative and educational video series produced by AGEN-C Khan from Bern, Switzerland. Founder Ali Rahman Khan shares learnings from design, architecture, and entrepreneurship with a global audience. A practicing architect in Switzerland and the co-founder of a technology start-up based in Pakistan. Khan founded Design Hustle to document the countless interactions he has with inspirational leaders from different fields who are willing to share their expertise with other architects, designers, and entrepreneurs. Of course, he doesn`t shy away from sharing his experiences, learnings, and point of view with the audience as well.


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