Architect Ghayyoor Obaid | A Documentary by Banjaiga

Banjaiga is proud to present its long-form documentary on Architect Ghayoor Obaid from Lahore, Pakistan. Practicing as an Architect for more than 32 years, Ghayyoor Obaid has enchanted the industry with his love for innovative spaces while keeping a keen eye on nostalgic elements of life that makes that part of the world culturally unique. His approach to architecture has a starting point rooted in reflection and contemplation of spatial and structural elements that come together to form a narrative that defies regular conventions and popular vocabulary, often taking its own path, sometimes bordering on the right side of a peaceful architectural rebellion.

In this documentary, we get a unique chance to get close and personal with him for a few days and get to experience his spaces, through his lens. Please share is work with fellow Architects .



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