5 Examples of Brutalist Architecture in Pakistan

1- School Design | By Farooq and Associates | SLS Montessori and School ,Islamabad- Pakistan

The idea was to work with the concept of growth, of both the children and the building itself, as the concrete finish allows it to gradually blend in with the surrounding with vines and creeper coverings, supported by the stepped gardens and slopes.

Utilizing the inherent thermal mass of concrete enables cooling to be provided by the fabric of the school building and stops overheating. It’s mass and damping qualities can easily contribute to a productive environment, isolated from the noise and vibrations from adjoining rooms.

All materials are used in their purest forms, majorly grey tones with colour popping murals to bright up the interiors. Nature has been adequately incorporated to compliment the built finish. Ample amount of natural light and cross ventilation are the basic features worked upon. Comfort is important for effective teaching and learning, creating a school building environment that contributes to lifting the spirits and raising aspirations.

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2- Minimalist House Design | By Farooq & Associates | Bahria Spring North ,Rawalpindi -Pakistan

Breaking the norms of the typical design psychology, this house challenges all the traditional and locally made houses in the region. The plan includes 90° along with an interesting blend of 30° angles, with open and shared spaces. The open planning allows healthy family environment where each member can feel connected and get involved more. Connections are kept open to provide fluidity in spaces and maximum interaction.

Low maintenance materials are used such as concrete and textured tiles, which are essential to the execution of the concept and match well with the lighting, structure and simplicity of the interior design. Boxed?shape with flat roof keeps a simple look yet modernist look for the house with a textured wall, wooden stairs, black steel railings, fair-faced concrete, white painted feature columns and eccentric hangings accentuating each landing of the slender staircases and for the color theme to make it more ornately minimalistic with a modernist palette. The earthy colors produce the sensation of placement and enrich the atmosphere and make the house more enjoyable.

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3-Modern Office Building | By Habib Fida Ali ,Architects |Burmah-Shell Oil Company Offices

The project comprises two volumes linked on the ground floor only. A three-storey, central core block houses clerical and executive offices.The second volume, on four floors, contains public spaces for the employees, a multipurpose hall, and some services.

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4- Residence Design | By Farooq Associates | 1 Kanal House | D.H.A Phase II, Islamabad-Pakistan

 The façade has a two tonal cemented face which is a balance between strong geometries of tapered volume overlooking the softness of green space with vine crawling over the boundary wall. The tapered volume also works as a P-Cap for the wooden deck. The vertical steel louvers installed on the exterior above the porch serve to block the line of sight from the outside while also ensuring the residents have  unobstructed views from within. While it is tempting to want to design architecture as sculpture, it is more important to understand what the building feels like from within.

5-House Design | By Farooq & Associates | Bahria Spring North ,Rawalpindi -Pakistan

Multiple heighted spaces were designed to enhance the spatial quality and bring in an experience the residents will forever enjoy, also creating harmony, connectivity and comfort within the house. Mainly includes neutral tones in materiality complementing the building fabric. Incorporating bridges, to further lighten up the interiors by connecting all major functional areas together, makes it even more sublime, and creates delightful user experiences. Fountains were added to include an audio-visual dialogue within the built and natural features.


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