“A Road to the Magnificent”- Packages Mall, Lahore

Article By Ar. Sahar Amjad

M-Arch Scholar (UET, Lahore)

Lahore, the thriving city of arts and culture, is one of the most visited tourists place of Pakistan. I am so fortunate to be born and raised in the city like Lahore that houses Lively, Hospitable People and Rich Culture. Being a “Wonders Enthusiast”, I remained a wanderer of Urban Built Environment and Nature. The spectacular vistas catch me at first glance. In the past few years Lahore’s Entertainment complexes and shopping areas kept on intercepting me due to remarkable transformations. Pacing with the world, Lahore has entered from its famous Traditional Bazars to the Plazas and most recently to the MajesticMalls.One such Splendor, “Packages Mall” is sited at Walton road which is one of the major arteries of the city. Magnificently standing Mall loudly slogans: “Where Lahore Comes to Shop”. It is a combined Design, Visualization and Realization effort of foreign and local professionals to satisfy the needs of all income groups under one roof. The mall Encompassesover 200 brands, a Multiplex Cinema, Food Court, Play Area, Prayer Area, Intermittent sitting spaces, hyper store-Carrefour and AhugeParking Zone (with Reserved parking for women in all parking lots and special parking and accessibility options for handicapped customers).

Figure 1: Night View Packages Mall (Picture Credits: Author)

The site of mall is largest retail hub linking the areas of DHA, Cantonment, Officer’s Colony, Railway Colony and Ferozepur road. The well infused local and global urbanity makes the Packages Mall fit to be called a first “International Mall” of its kind in the expanse.

Figure 2: Bird Eye View Packages Mall(Picture Credits:Packages Mall)

Besides being meeting International standards, the walkable and interactive spaces of the mall, unfold at every step an enchanting experience of being Global at one’s very own locality.

Figure 3: Exit/ Entry Points of Packages Mall(Picture Credits: Packages Mall)

In Figure 3 the arrow near the bottom of the picture marks the multi-lane entry/exit (Functional) at Walton Road and the one towards the left side of the image is multi-lane entry/exit gate (Non-functional) at Khayaban-e-Iqbal, DHA. Diverting all the traffic towards only one functional Exit/Entry point has raised the Traffic Congestionthat cannot be afforded by anyVital Artery like Walton road. All the traffic is directed from Defence Road and the Khayaban e Iqbal Road towards the already traffic loaded area, that reach to its peak on Weekends and Promotion Days.

This patch of Walton road leads to Ferozpur Road and integrate a very important part that comprises of major Hospital like General hospital. The Ferozpur Road is further linked to Kasur City. Moreover, the Over Head Bridgeahead is again leading to the patch of Ferozpur Road towards Model Town having Hospitals like Ghulab Devi and Children’s Hospital.Thus, this patch of Walton road is a conduit way towards many significant areasand the aforementioned Traffic Congestion leads to blockage and many patients got stuck.

The solution is to operatethe other exit/entryPoint of Mall located at Khayaban e Iqbal road. This will divide the traffic load. Another viability is to provide under pass on Walton Road and increase the width of the road by providing carriage way dedicated to Packages mall. This will aid in smooth traffic flow.The suggested under pass will not only serveas a signal free corridor leading to Kasur andFerozpur Road but this will also minimize lead time to Health facilities.

The Splendors remain superlative andmost visited till they don’t start generating bottlenecks. It’s a right time to address this problem before it would mask the grandeur ofa
Packages Mall.

“We are built to conquer environment, solve problems, achieve goals, and we find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.”(Maxwell Maltz)


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