Mixed Use Commercial Building | Mall and Apartment Complex by Suhail & Fawad Architects


Mixed Use Commercial Building -SKY PARK ONE

Location Gulberg Greens; Islamabad
Type Commercial
Architecture Design Firm Suhail & Fawad Architects

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Principal Architect Suhail A. Abbasi
Project Architects Fawad S. Abbasi
Job Architects Salman J. Malik & Umer Sajjad
Corporate Design & Branding Amna Majid
Client Qaiser J. Bhatti
Structural Designers Noor Durrani & Associates 
MEP Designers SEM Engineers.

This is the Sales Office and Viewing apartments of the under – construction and upcoming mixed use Mall and apartment complex “ Skypark One “ on Main Boulevard, Gulberg Greens, Islamabad by Suhail & Fawad Architects.
The project is due for completion in December 2021 and is a vertical residential, retail and hospitality building comprising of 5 towers of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units with 20 feet courtyards between each tower, connecting bridges and multiple double & triple height spaces on each floor.

The top floor is a Skypark with a gym, cafe, swimming pools, badminton and volleyball courts, jogging and walking tracks.
Suhail & Fawad Architects is responsible for planning, architecture, interior design, landscape and project supervision of this project. The building is 150 feet tall with three basements, Ground + 10 floors with a transit floor between level 2 and level 3 for services.
The industry partners that are collaborating with us on this project are SAbdulla, KALE, RAK, TJ Switches, Islamabad Lights, Sun Aluminum, Brighto Paints and Interwood.
Come & experience this space to understand the theme, colour pallet and choice of materials in Skypark One.

The location in Gulberg Greens makes it even exclusive yet challenging but the site has played an important role in the design formulation owing to the nature of varied requirements and the volumes we have established in our program. Massing studies, introverted, extroverted views and open circulation has determined optimum configuration of the total covered areas and developed a workable identity which is based around green open spaces that are accessible on each level.


Significant architecture is produced by the combined efforts and vision of the owner and architect. The master plan and architectural design has been achieved with this understanding and as well as social responsibility in order to qualitatively contribute to the built environment and give substance to our conceptual perception. The client’s vision is to explore the architecture and interior design symbols that appropriately reflect the design as well as relevant icons and images. These symbols become the syntax of the language of the final design solution.

As we stand in the new millennium it is critical to begin designing in an environment friendly manner with cost effectiveness. We will try to avoid an architecture that is uninvolved and abstract. There will be a theme and continuity of language. We have moved towards an architecture that is specific and concrete, involving itself with the social and geographic context, the program and methods of construction, in order to produce a project that exists strongly and irrevocably, rather than an uncommitted abstract structure that could be in any place.


The scheme is evenly spread over the linear width of the plot with a large entry, hard and soft landscape areas and looking at cost effective solutions as necessary for the program and design aesthetics. The design explores a geometrical vocabulary that will appropriately reflect the inner vibrancy and provide a visual dynamic equilibrium to the entire complex maximizing on the elements of landscape inside out.

These spaces are meant to thematically demarcate circulation and create plazas in between to provide pleasant area for people to meet and interact and be able to use the outdoors on every level which will be patios and gardens, a philosophy that our firm strongly believes in.

Open courtyard spaces are created and juxtaposed with rectangular forms to create a myriad of light and shaded elements to harmonize with plants and water features. There is a theme of vertical and horizontal volumes, masses set against voids, landscaped insets and recesses.

The building is made extremely user friendly and a conducive environment to live and work in. Movement as an organizing devise is kept central to the project. All apartments and restaurants are designed with views towards either the outside greens or the internal courtyards that will be central transitional points of the complex.


Location, size and use of the building are factors through which the structure and materials are determined. Considering these factors we have proposed longer lasting and maintenance friendly external finishes. These materials are durable, extremely weather resistant, low maintenance and allow for fast-track construction. The interior floor patterns are a mix of porcelain tiles, interface carpet tiles & engineered wooden floors. The wall finishes are a mix of brick, glass, pigmented plaster & paint finishes.

The design team has been able to clearly identifying and group these requirements, categorize distinct areas and various facilities and work around a theme so that the functions (retail, corporate, residential, recreation) group as one “WHOLE” rather than a scattered mass with random connections and no conceptual philosophy.

They worked on a concept that organizes around a series of courtyards both internally and externally; each courtyard becoming a focal point for the activities around it.

The courtyards are approached through streets as each minor street opens into a major access that takes one to individual functions. The courtyard maintains a special identity as it becomes a transition point while one walks through various spaces to terminate into various small and large green spaces.

Courtyards have always been a traditional element of organization and are appropriate to divide spaces as well. Suhail & Fawad Architects has maximized the use of open spaces in their projects and brought natural or self made greens inside their buildings.

Skypark One comes as a second landmark building complex from the same group as as the under-construction One Expressway which is also designed by Suhail & Fawad Architects, therefore the image it projects is extremely important. It also needs to be the first visible volume while one approaches the main boulevard at Gulberg Greens. We envision this to be a simple, modern and elegant landmark. Once the requirements were studied in detail, there was a focus on directional glazing that opens out into large green and paved areas with sitting spaces, specifically work on the corridors or arcades to improve the quality of circulation and natural light in the entire building.



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