RESORT Design | By Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio | Gharo Resort & Transmorphing Hut Design


Gharo Resort & Transmorphing Hut

Location Sindh , Pakistan
Type Resort
Architecture Design Firm Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio

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Having a farm house for a site in a place of historical significance such as Gharo is not only interesting but challenging also. To start with designing a resort inside a huge farmhouse development in Gharo, we started thinking with the reference of history and the geographical conditions in mind. Associating our project with the names important to the history of the region had us researching on the tales of Alexander the Great, Mohammed bin Qasim and the folklore of Sussi and Punno. All took took place within a few miles of our site. Having historically enlightening researches and discussions with the client however led us to the conclusion that this project should be a peep into the future of Gharo, where possibilities of design should cut away from the shackles of history and Barbaricon, the name present in some historical documents of Gharo.

Thus we began analyzing our approach towards designing a resort compound with transmorphing structures exploring the possibility of having the same design with different media for construction, and in the process being portable/mobile as well.

So both their skin and their locations and orientation can be changed according to changing seasons and course of the lake bank affront.

The resort happens to be in a farmhouse focusing on mixed use development, the mobility of our structures is not a big issue, if it sticks to being light weight and modular in construction, not piled into the ground and resting on it as steel deck structures walking across the landscape.

We aim to propose different mediums of construction including bamboo and wood, steel and concrete, steel and wood, wood and concrete.


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