Architecture Competition Project | Cultural Centre | By OS2 Architects – Al Mustadal Farm ,Madina


Al Mustadal Farm

Type Cultural building
Category International Design Competition
Location Madina, Suadi Arabia 
Covered area
15,000 SQM
Architecture Design Firm OS2 Architects 

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The project is to be done at a well-known farm in Medina which dates back to the pre-migration of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is the gateway to Medina opposite the Quba Mosque, (the first mosque built in Islam). The farm is famous for being the first land on which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stepped his blessed feet and rested along with Abu Bakr Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him), upon their arrival from Mecca to Madina. The Prophet Mohammad choose to end his Hijra trip and decided to stay in and this is where the first date of Islamic Calendar started to make the history of Islam start, 01-01-01 Hijra.

The farm is undeveloped and has about 200 palms and a small buildings. The goal was to develop the farm to be an integrated cultural center that includes distinctive hospitality services, a museum, a Masjid and two lounges suitable for religious sectors, tourist visits by pilgrims, and especially the people of the city who are eager to get out of the city’s contemporary atmosphere to the atmosphere of nature and evoke scenes from Islamic history. The place is enriched by the nature and farm atmosphere. It also features greenery and palm planting.

The scope of work included development of an outdoor reception hall and hotel of a beautiful and unique heritage design with almost 40 rooms and a central kitchen and indoor and outdoor sessions to suit the place. Also a commercial cultural market & shops. There is an animal farm that visitors to the farm can touch and feed.


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