Farm House Design | By M.M Consultants , Islamabad -Pakistan


Farm House

Location Orchard Scheme, Islamabad -Pakistan
Type Residential
Plot Size 190’ x 660’

Architecture Design Firm

M.M Consultants


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Structure Modern Consulting Engineers
Contractors A.K Builders

R.H Farmhouse is a project very close to our hearts as it challenged the expertise and capabilities of a small and fairly new design office at every step. The farmhouse is designed in a 2.5 Acre plot in Orchard Scheme, Islamabad. The client has a political background and a very big family. The challenge was to incorporate the complex client brief into a fixed amount of covered area specified by the concerned authorities. Also one of our main objectives was to make maximum use of the open lawn area our plot has to offer keeping in mind the privacy of both the family and political activity areas.

The farmhouse is designed in two separate buildings joined together by a 20 feet long steel bridge. The front building is designed for all the political activity while the building at the back is for the family use.

Open basements have been created by excavating the plot. The back building can also be accessed by a ramp that goes down to the basement entrance.

The façade is kept simple and traditional to compliment the typical farmhouse feel. Interest is generated by the play of levels and proportions throughout the structure.


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