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Coffee houses originated in the city of Mecca, sprouting up in Europe much later, all these coffee houses had two things in common, the coffee and the social gatherings fueled by intellectual conversations on politics, culture and society in general. To date, coffee shops and cafés give its visitors a myriad of social activities to indulge in. We came up with many space types that were not too congruent with the multi layered nature of a cafe we were supposed to redefine the design of. Finally coming to the typology of ‘public spaces’. ‘Public spaces’, morph around themselves a life that is not designed for them, an open public space designed or only defined on an urban scale, gradually gets marked by older people who start sitting in a shaded corner, the younger ones start marking their wider play areas, and the boys and girls find their exercise space in the same open space, everyone carries on with their own brand of activities in the same space which carries different significance for different age groups.

Open urban spaces are not designed, they morph into a design, something similar happened with the cafe we were analyzing to redesign; kids from the neighborhood come to have donuts and ice cream, talking about their cricket matches and tuition centers, boys and girls from universities come and have burger and fries while they troll their fellas on FB and IG, young mothers come to have coffee and tea after dropping their kids to school and older men come to read the newspaper while talking about how politicians tore the country apart. Apostrophe aims to let the walls, ceiling and the furniture talk!

Our Public Space typology is formulated by three types of walls that need to be designed and developed further:

1. The fence/hedge/succulent wall

2. The corrugated concrete wall (temporary asbestos sheet partition inspired)

3. Poster and slogan walls catching on the political melodrama in a pop style.

We have taken the idea of park pergola screen as an element to be explored in the ceilings of the café; wood and steel have been used to shape up these composite screens that mark the floor plans according to their typologies.

We have divided the floor plan into three types of seating arrangements, the lounge seating with sofas for the newspaper reading coffee drinkers and breakfasters, the park bench seating in the middle of the café for the youth and the round benches for the donut and ice cream lovers. These three seating types are repeated inside the café, another zone for seating is set outside the café in the verandah for the smokers and evening hi-tea customers and diners.


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