Location Boulevard Mall, Hyderabad
Type Healthcare
Project  Area 4800 sq ft

Architecture Design Firm


The Interior Design for Tabba Heart Outreach Center targets to provide a refreshing mood to the otherwise challenging situation for a patient. A refreshing experience, caters to a high paced work environment for doctors and uses way finding in the process to guide visitors. Bringing foliage into the interior encourages calmness to the visitors and curves soothes out the visual.

From the entrance, the user is greeted with a green and wooden feature wall and a dynamic reception. The two materials on the flooring works as way finding for the user and bifurcate the circulation and occupied space.

Pharmacy is kept next to the Labs as to restrict the majority of the outdoor activity at the entrance, leaving the waiting and other areas more calm and relaxed for the patient to rest while waiting. Next to pharmacy is the lab for samples and tests, keeping up with the ideology of more frequent programs towards the initial more public zone of the space.

The corridors then leads towards the waiting area, which is designed to give the patient a refreshing experience. The use of foliage is targeted to calm the nerves and make the space more inviting.

An assessment room is placed near to the area for the patient to get their vitals documented before the doctor’s visit.

Clinics are kept in a separate corridor, so as to provide patient privacy and a buffer from all the activities.

Next to the clinic corridor are the radiology and CT scan rooms for the patients to be assessed, if required. This corridor can be accessed from the waiting area as well.


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