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 Ambience Studios and Shiny Toy Guns Film Productions 

Location Karachi –Pakistan
Typology Commercial
Built Area 3035 Sq ft

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Project Architect Ar.  Moyena Niazi.
Photo Credits M. Nimr Pervez
Completion 2014


To meet the clients requirements for a post production Film studios; The objective was to reuse and up-cycle as much of the existing material and found objects on site to create an invigorating work space. Meeting the requirements of a post production studio and design studio while making a sustainability statement.

How were they met?

In the contextual clutter of korangi industrial Area and low rise neighboring structure, the inspiration to recycle began with re-mantling the old shed to create two sheds ;reusing the expansive metal roof which stood on the site . These enclosures served SRG film studio and ambience studio; with containers found on the site fitted with as reception spaces.

A low rise sensibility was maintained while planning office spaces, conference room and all supporting functions including sufficient parking space ..

The old metal structural columns and ribs were reused to support the roofs of the two separate spaces.

The existing block masonry, marginally plastered were also are used to make new walls.

Three discarded metal shipping containers were up cycled to create two reception areas and skeletal landing for a new of metal spiral stairs.

Two old shipping containers were purchased to make a space for an office and cafeteria which opens out onto a courtyard creating a communal space with separate restrooms accessible externally for all employees. The remaining metal was sold to be recycled

Temporal water proof fabric awnings were used to create shade for the parking spaces pathways.

These were stretched diagonally fro the structure to bring dynamism. The landscaping and external circulation pathways are planned to lead the visitors to the receptions while responding to the urban kitsch observed in korangi industrial area.

Design Challenges

The project came with stringent time and budgetary constraints. This meant leading a less qualified contractor, hands on, with a team of sub consultants to deliver the job in four months. The project handed over in five months including services well beyond the scope of architectural practices.

Retaining existing entrance due to security limitations.

Technological and Material Innovations

Although the practice of recycling and creating light weight structures is not entirely novel use in Karachi’s context can be considered innovative.

Nontraditional building material was used for construction purposes such as recycling shipping metal containers for living spaces ;Insulating these metal enclosures with spray foam.

Using concrete slabs to create indoor and outdoor furniture. Raw MDF board was sued to make indoor furniture. Outdoor units of the air conditions were displayed on slabs in the middle of fishponds as sculpture responding to the industrial context. The water replenishes the pond water too vacuum glass lifters were used as door handles..

Water proof fabric canopies were used as shade for parking spaces and walkways replacing typical high maintenance shading pergolas .

The project earned a honorable mention in 2019  ADA -Category Interior


The project also got the  IAP Excellence in Design award in  2019 for Amenity building.


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