Countryside Farm House | By OS2 Architects


Countryside Farm House

Type Residential
Location Masfoot, Ajman, UAE
Plot Area 150,000 Sq.ft
Covered Area  8,800 Sq.ft.
Architecture Design Firm OS2 Architects

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The land of the project, with 150,000 Sq.ft. area, is located at Masfoot, Ajman, UAE with a mountainous landscape around it, owned by our client Mr. Jaber who wants to develop the land into a countryside farmhouse/ vacation home for the family gatherings. Also throughout the year it will be used to self-sustain the family needs of dairy and fruits. To ensure focus and optimization, master plan is designed into zones in the beginning, ensuring the plot is properly divided into required multiple zones covering the owners’ interests and vital Components.

Initially plot is divided into four major zones which contain further divisions. Focal zone is Residential, which envelopes “The Villa”, “Guest House” and “Activity Hub” comprised of pool, gym and sitting space, and all these three structures have separate as well as shared deck/sitting spaces, hosting Barbecue area, a sitting around a fire pit used as outdoor cinema too and other landscaping elements. At back of this focal zone is Play zone, containing rides, swings and slides on one side while a basketball court on the other side adjacent to Activity hub. The front of the plot contains two zones, one as Animal Farm (keeping the wind direction in consideration that takes smell out of plot rather than within). Other zone is Vegetable Farm along with trees, flowers, herbs etc. and purposefully designed jogging track around these two zones.

Environmental factors played key role in developing the plan. Villa is a single story structure connected with Guest house and Activity hub that are designed with consideration for wheelchair access. The main challenge was to keep the Guest House and family Villa entirely segregated for females privacy despite sharing same drop-off space and car porch area, while both requiring views towards the front zones of plot i.e. animal farm and green farms.

For that matter, Guest house is placed right next to drop-off round about for a quick access with a direct view towards farm while the villa entrance is a bit deeper from back of Guest house leading to the double height family lounge having views towards both back side play area and front farm area through a courtyard.

A bridge leading to the observation deck above also provides shading from the southern sun for lounge and courtyard.

The façade of the structure has cultural mud finish with contrast of concrete texture along with the combination of metal shades and glass, adding up the required modern look, which is further amalgamated with traditional mashrabiya/ jali work inspired from voronoi form, used in other landscape elements aswell such as pathways.


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