School Building Design | By Eyries International -Champs School , Chiniot

Project CHAMPS School
Location Chiniot ,Pakistan
Covered Area 75,000 sq ft

Architecture Design Firm

Eyries International

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Principal Architect Ar. Muddassar Ahmed

The central volume responds to the public activites (student counsellor office and a double height library). It is also used to separate the 1st and 2nd floors into gendered spaces and control the access to the main staircases


The design was understood as a dense agglomeration of classes under the principles outlined by Herman Hertzberger. The aim was to create a playful, inspiring space that changes according to the students’ mental and physical growth and helps create an environment which educates them in their relationships with subordinates (juniors), equals (class-mates) and authority figures (teachers and administrators) later in their life.

Providing easy access from the kindergarted terrace to the lawns behind the buildings through an elegant staircase. 

The scale of the openings correspond to the ages of the children that utilize the spaces within.
From basement upwards:
Primary section
Kindergarten (The two central windows correspond to a mezzanine sleeping area)
Secondary section

The surrounding landscape is submerged beneath the road level and the building is then placed within it, creating an island away from the main road. It helps to isolate the students into a world of their own, extending a handshake in the form of an arched bridge, taking them from the main gate to the building.

The principal’s balcony jutting out overlooking the main entrance and the front grounds 

The upper ground floor with the easiest access belongs to the kindergarten. The space is designed keeping in mind the playfulness of their age and the relationship of individual student to the teacher.

The primary section is placed in the lower ground level, with easy access to the surrounding landscape to help channel their energies in a positive manner.

The first and second floors are segregated between girls (red) and boys (blue) through the center point of the whole design – A double-height library.

A sketch from the design development phase clearly showing the relationship between the cluster of classes and the circulation space

A mezzanine floor is added to house the administration block which overlooks the entrance bridge and where the separation.




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