Modern Masjid Design | By Ahed Associates – Liaquat National Hospital, Masjid


Liaquat National Hospital Mosque

Type Religious
Location Karachi ,Pakistan
Project  Area 22,000 sq.ft

Architecture Design Firm

AHED Associates

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The Mosque stands on top of a hillock within the complex of Liaquat National Hospital in Karachi. It occupies a central position within the Master Plan. The objective was to build a space which provided serentity and peace and a sense of permanence in it’s location. In addition to a space for prayer, it is a place of guidance and solace for the families of the patients, who are anyways under a lot of trauma and stress. The Design of the Mosque is kept simple using low key materials, non-conventional lopsided pyramidal roofing system and a naturally ventilated prayer hall.

The conceptualization of the mosque started with the retention of the old structure, which was revamped, and was added upon through the development of a prayer hall accommodating a total of 1500 worshipers. The additions to the original structure were designed on axis of the old construction, keeping the old mihrab (Niche) visually connected with the new construction. The new structure was cantilevered over the old structure, in order to create a visual and structural connection.

Project Schematics 


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