Engro Leadership Academy at Karachi School of Business and Leadership | By Suhail and Fawad Architects


Engro Leadership Academy at Karachi School of Business and Leadership

Location Karachi – Pakistan
Design scope Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design
Project Area 35,000 sq ft
Architecture Design Firm Suhail & Fawad Architects


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Principal Architect Suhail A. Abbasi


Project Architects Fawad S. Abbasi & Naveed Salam


Job Architect Shehryar Akhter
Sr. Design Coordinator Ali Naqvi


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source : Engro 

The Engro Leadership Academy has been officially inaugurated in the premises of the Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL). Engro, with the strong support of its Board and Chairman, has set itself the goal of having a high-performance culture and creating value via exceptional people. The Engro Leadership Academy endeavours to serve as the developing ground for the next generation of Pakistani leadership. Its aim will be to prepare 21st century leaders through a proven model of development led by world-class consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which has helped bring the Academy to fruition.

Founder & Chairman of KSBL, Chairman of Engro Corporation and The Dawood Foundation, Hussain Dawood, passionately believes that investment in human development far outweighs short-term financial returns. At the inauguration, the Chairman stressed upon the need of developing people in Pakistan who are persons of trust, and of competence, to lead successful institutions. He said, “This is the beginning of a journey of life-long learning for individuals striving to improve their strength of character, to trust and respect themselves, and then to inspire that trust in others.”

The President of Engro Corporation, Ghias Khan, also spoke at the ceremony. He discussed the philosophy of cultivating and retaining talent at Engro. Mr. Khan said, “We realize that development of leaders requires a fine balance between practical on-the-job learning, in-classroom trainings, and self-reflection. With this purpose in mind, we have built the ELA, which will help ignite people’s personal transformations and equip them to drive change at Engro and beyond.” He further thanked the Chairman for his vision and McKinsey for their guidance along the way.

“As Knowledge Partners to the Engro Leadership Academy, McKinsey Academy has developed a robust curriculum to grow leadership skills across the organization. The programs aim to develop talent, instill an entrepreneurial mind-set and build decision-making capabilities. The leadership model incorporates 6 main competencies and identifies 22 behaviors that enable effective leadership in the Engro context. The courses will provide a blended learning experience that will include classroom sessions, fieldwork, experiential and digital learning modules and bespoke content customized to the Engro Leadership Model.

Salman Ahmad, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, said: “As the first company in Pakistan to launch a bespoke corporate academy to groom its existing and future leaders, Engro is setting a new standard for leadership development. The programs apply both best practice as well as cutting-edge techniques for learning and capacity building, anchored in tailored leadership journeys for each participant. We believe deeply that the quality of leadership is the most enduring source of competitive advantage for organizations and the most critical enabler of sustainable, high performance cultures. We are honoured to be Knowledge Partners in this program.”

The Academy is poised to become an integral part of the people transformation journey at Engro, and includes courses on leading self, leading teams, leading business, and leading change. The Academy will extend its services and leadership philosophy to private- and public-sector players as well, through customized content based on respective institutional and organizational needs.

The scope covered architecture, interior and landscape design which was handled by our teams in the Islamabad and Karachi Office. This 35 thousand Sq.ft space was supervised and constructed by our local teams under our banner and was completed in 90 working days from start to finish.
As a conscious effort and with the consensus of our clients we as a team decided to open the views towards courtyards and landscaped spaces which is an important part of our design philosophy and bringing in  ample light to various areas within the scheme.

The Academy is a customized venue for international training’s, seminars and events within a corporate framework and is tied with other training’s around the world.

The architecture was dealt with accordingly with major design modifications and opening the facade towards a newly developed landscaped gardens with specific outdoor lighting that has changed the buildings usage completely.
The furniture is modern and selected through a colorful pallet through the Molecule brand, S. Abdulla for porcelain tiles and fittings and PCI Group for all interface carpet flooring and wooden laminates.
It was an extremely successful attempt in bringing together architecture, interior and landscape as one whole with a planning that focuses on transparency and simplicity.
After completing many projects for Engro  around Pakistan earlier we designed the Engro Corp office in Islamabad last year while this one has resulted in a new project that we are currently working on and is in its final stage of design.



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