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Beach Resort & Cafe

Location Karachi , Pakistan
Type Recreational/Hospitality

Architecture Design Firm

Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


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Option 1

We have designed a structure for the Resort Project, along with a cafeteria, two side walkways, and a sea-facing deck.

The 4 rooms to come on to the structure are changeable in placement and are easily stackable; in case they need to be replaced with other room designs.

They can be put on to the structure in any arrangement possible. We can have them made in wood, metal, bamboo or precast concrete and arranged onto the structure in many ways.

We will be giving different arrangements soon.

The room designed right now is in container metal sheets and glass, their placement capitalizes on wind, sun, water, and views. We are providing solar panel structure on the rooftop and also two wind turbines to exploit effectively on wind energy. We intend to have the sun-facing glass layered with photovoltaic cells for energy gain.

Every room has its own terrace facing the beach, and also rear side verandah facing the cafeteria which can also act as an activity zone, for night time music gigs and TV screening.

The kitchen is shaped like a cylinder rising up to support a chimney for exhaust purpose. A little plantation and a water pond have been added to lighten the mood of this space. The side walkways are intended to bring in people from the seaside, people not staying at the nautical container resort.

Option 2


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