Nishat Linen Flagship Store  | By Oh+A designworks – Gulberg – Lahore


Nishat Linen Flagship Store 

Location Gulberg – Lahore
Plot Size 2 Kanals | 1000 sq yd
No. of Floors 8
Type Retail
Architecture Design Firm Oh+A designworks
Photo Credit Usman Saqib Zuberi

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The new store attempts to blend a variety of materials, traditional and modern, in order to create a spatial experience that references both yesterday and tomorrow. In doing so, it reinforces the history of the brand and sets a bold course for its future.

The building has two skins, the hard concrete shell on the outside to mediate with the city at a collective scale and the softer wooden envelope on the inside, catering to the sensory experience of the individual.

The interior spaces are designed to flow seamlessly through one another.

Architectural elements, including the framing of the city at strategic moments, are given as much visual weightage as the products on display themselves,  thereby creating a complex juxtaposition of material,  product and the city as a living organism, all in a state of flux.




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