5 Great Examples of Minimalist Architecture in Pakistan

1- House Design | By ARK – 1 Kanal House | Naval Anchorage – Islamabad

The entire composition is based upon the idea of creating a light-well at the heart of the site, dividing the mass into three rectangles that run parallel to the length,the middle one is nothing but a secret courtyard, whereas the other two-wings conserve the calmness in between.

The inward-looking house completely closes itself off from the street except for the entrance and illuminates the entrance floor.

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2-Residence By Open Door Design Studio | The House Around a Pool – Karachi ,Pakistan

The house is situated in Karachi’s neighborhood of Defence Phase VIII, a large expanse of low lying, barren land. It aims to respond to the absence of built and natural context, and the security and privacy constraints that constitute life in this city.It is a house for a small family, a couple with two daughters and their grandmother. The architecture of the house is a solid gesture, with a central opening. The proportion of columns amidst this central space, and the elements that constitute it create an atmosphere for light and air, and a space to sit, to pass by and to live in.

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3-Mosque Design | By Noor Khan Design Studio | The House of GOD ,Lahore -Pakistan

The mosque is located on the outskirts of the historic city of Lahore. The attempt was to create a modern mosque which looks in the future rather than in the past. Keeping all the essential elements of a mosque (religious space) at the forefront, we tried to shape the space using natural light.

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4-Residence | By Noor Khan Design Studio | The Courtyard House , Lahore -Pakistan

The design revolves around a central courtyard. The house has consciously been placed at a point where it can get maximum buffer between it and the site’s context, hence, providing complete privacy and outdoor law. 

In order to knit the spaces together and have visual connectivity, the courtyard was introduced at the center of the design. The entire design revolves around this courtyard.

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5-Residence Design | By Design Options – Karachi ,Pakistan

The client Brief asked for a child friendly house.  Though the permanent residents of the were an elderly couple and their college going son. The frequent visit of the married daughters and their young kids weighed in the determining the design brief and thus influenced all aspects of design. 

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