5 Creative Retail Projects in Pakistan

Retail design is a creative and commercial discipline that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space.Retail spaces, especially when they form part of a retail chain, must also be designed to draw people into the space to shop. The storefront must act as a billboard for the store, often employing large display windows that allow shoppers to see into the space and the product inside. In the case of a retail chain, the individual spaces must be unified in their design.

There are six basic store layouts and circulation plans that all provide a different experience:

  1. Straight plan: this plan divides transitional areas from one part of the store to the other by using walls to display merchandise. It also leads the consumer to the back of the store. This design can be used for a variety of stores ranging from pharmacies to apparel.
  2. Pathway plan: is most suitable for large stores that are single level. In this plan there is a path that is unobstructed by shop fixtures, this smoothly guides the consumer through to the back of the store. This is well suited for apparel department stores, as the clothes will be easily accessible
  3. Diagonal plan: uses perimeter design which cause angular traffic flow. The cashier is in a central location and easily accessible. This plan is most suited for self-service retail.
  4. Curved plan: aims to create an intimate environment that is inviting. In this plan there is an emphasis on the structure of the space including the walls, corners and ceiling this is achieved by making the structure curved and is enhance by circular floor fixtures. Although this is a more expensive layout it is more suited to smaller spaces like salons and boutiques. 
  5. Varied plan: in this plan attention is drawn to special focus areas, as well as having storage areas that line the wall. This is best suited for footwear and jewellery retail stores.
  6. Geometric plan: uses the racks and the retail floor fixtures to create a geometric floor plan and circulation movement. By lowering parts of the ceiling certain areas can create defined retail spaces. This is well suited for appeal stores.

Below are 5 Amazing Retail Projects in Pakistan

1-Re-Tale Store | Metropolitan Studio of Architecture – Rawalpindi ,Pakistan

Metropolitan studio of Architecture (MSA) collaborated with WARDA, a clothing brand, on designing their new stores, which are planned in various cities of Pakistan. ‘Re-tale’ is the second flagship store in this series. The first store was designed in  Peshawar, Pakistan named ‘Crafting a Retail’. Each flagship store is designed keeping in mind the idea that it will serve as a rejuvenating device for the brand. MSA has taken this collaboration as an opportunity to look closely at the retail culture of Pakistan in general and WARDA retail strategies in specific. These explorations helped in developing an overall thematic of the brand, where context becomes the central focus of the aesthetics of the flagships.

View complete project here 

2-Retail Design | By Farooq & Associates | Artabat Links , Bahria Springs Rawalpindi -Pakistan

The major challenge was to bring in that contrast, by creating a secluded zone on a noise producing busy road. Breaking away from the conventional electronic store’s artificial quality of space, the use of light and close to nature tones are used, affecting the perceptions in both obvious and subtle ways.

view complete project here 


3-Award Winning Retail Design | By MSA-Metropolitan Studio Of Architecture | WARDA Flagship , Peshawar-Pakistan

The aesthetics of the project is driven by the careful study of the history of the built heritage of the city. From the choice of the material to its craftsmanship, the project relied on the local resources at the same time the project is a dedication to the contemporary culture of the retail. MSA conducted a thorough research of the built heritage of the city Peshawar. The city has a long history of using brick as the main construction material (Bala Hisar brick fort) and wood as the main interior material. MSA has inverted this relationship by using wood as the main exterior material and brick as the main finishing material of the indoor walls. This shift of materials has given the flagship a unique aesthetic experience and still maintains the same old traditional material pallet. This front metal and wooden screen mitigates the solar gain and also helps control the natural light intake.

view complete project here 


4-Builders Mall | By Arshad Shahid Abdulla Pvt. Ltd – Islamabad Pakistan 

With the site being located on the outskirts of the city, how does one attract visitors? The solution was two-fold. Firstly, by introducing the concept of a Builders Mall, showcasing a variety of products catering to the building industry.

Secondly, by designing an architectural envelope that creates a heightened state of interest and gives products a marketing boost, making people travel long distances, just for the experience.

view complete project here


5-Showroom Design | By N Design Studio | Fincera Showroom

Fincera Home was the project with lots of challenges especially the efficient use of space and products of different varieties. N Design Studio had to go through each product to create display for better selection by customers. Over all space planning was one of the main challenges to create natural flow.
We used natural materials along with decor products of Fincera Home to enhance the utility of products with different ideas so that customers can think of utility of products in their environment. Fincera Home is one of our prime project so far to display our capacity in terms of design & construction capability.


view complete project here 


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