5 Corporate Offices in Pakistan for a Healthy Work Environment

Your employees don’t need a lavish multi-story office to feel more productive; you just need to be creative with your space. By having access to natural light, collaborative spaces and private meeting rooms, you’ll increase employee satisfaction and productivity. People will feel free to move around and won’t feel tied to their desks, creating more opportunities for creative collaboration.

Working in a clean, attractive office can have tremendous effects on co-workers and manager relationships. “Even if the sun can’t shine into your workplace, make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and a few ‘extra-mile’ amenities.

The modern workforce is no longer static. With the rise of remote workers and the growth rate of startups, flexible design is a crucial element. One of the best ways to incorporate this trend into your office space is to have spaces that aren’t static. For example, workstations that convert into standing desks, movable walls, and areas that can serve as meeting rooms and lounges.


Following offices in Pakistan are few examples of a healthy work space .


1-Modern Office Interior | By Arshad Shahid Abdulla – Engro Polymer Office

View complete project here 

2-Corporate office Building | By SR Design Works – Crescent Bahuman Limited ,Lahore Pakistan

Corporate office for the Crescent Bahuman Limited and their local brand Stoneage are housed in custom designed multi storey building which accommodates various administrative departments, meeting facilities, Display room and offices.

The client’s brief called for a state of the art energy efficient building which would merge into the predominantly residential neighborhood.

3- Engro Leadership Academy at Karachi School of Business and Leadership | By Suhail and Fawad Architects

The Academy is a customized venue for international training’s, seminars and events within a corporate framework and is tied with other training’s around the world.

The architecture was dealt with accordingly with major design modifications and opening the facade towards a newly developed landscaped gardens with specific outdoor lighting that has changed the buildings usage completely.

4-Corporate Office Interior | By Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative | Trakker Private Limited ,Karachi

Trakker Private Limited is Pakistan’s first and largest vehicle and car tracking management service. The head office is located in Centre Point, which has redefined the skyline of Karachi in recent years. An open office planning has been encouraged which enables collaboration and participation of employees and helps to create a conducive environment. The amalgamation of high end materials such as marble, travertine and wood give the space a luxurious character. Water bodies and planters at strategic intervals bring the essence of nature in space. The planning of the office encourages maximum natural light to enter the space while providing outside views.

5-Modern Office Building | By Arcop Private Limited – Telenor Headquarter 345 – Islamabad

Traditionally courts have always played an integral part in local architecture, be it residential, institutional or religious building types. These central spaces become the main socializing hubs for people. In the Telenor office this concept is used as a focal point, interconnecting blocks around large water bodies in the internal courts encourage social interaction between the users.


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