Modern Office Building | By Arcop Private Limited – Telenor Headquarter 345 – Islamabad


Telenor Headquarter 345

Type Corporate
Location Gulberg Greens Islamabad
Structure Rammed Earth
Plot Area 120 kanals | 540,000 sq ft approx.
Covered Area 20,000 sqm
Floors 3
Architecture Design Firm Arcop Private Limited


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Photo Credits Rana Atif Rehman



Traditionally courts have always played an integral part in local architecture, be it residential, institutional or religious building types. These central spaces become the main socializing hubs for people. In the Telenor office this concept is used as a focal point, interconnecting blocks around large water bodies in the internal courts encourage social interaction between the users.

Located in Islamabad, Pakistan, the site, for the Telenor office campus is made up of 15 acres of an undulating landscape which exemplifies the Potohar plateau. The design ensures that the site’s existing topography and natural water courses remain intact: for this, inspiration was sought from the historic stepwells of Pakistan’s Punjab province and western India, used as an architectural device for storing rainwater (Baolis).

Creating a home for the county’s second largest and fastest growing mobile service provider brought its own set of challenges. The architecture and the interior planning questions the strong hierarchical system ever present in the local corporate sector by introducing open plan work zones with shared social hubs. A key aspect of the conceptual planning has been the Telenor work place model where social, physical and technological interaction is encouraged in a variety of ways.

The office campus is planned around the stepwells, woven together through an internal street which changes in width and volume as it staggers around the complex. The courts are integral to the street and work zones, where people can work, meet and eat. This same seamless flow of space exists between the street and the work zones; on all the various floor levels.

Conceptually the block orientation is kept in the North-South direction to minimize heat gain. In this regard, the thick insulated stabilized rammed earth flank walls have been placed to the east and west with minimum openings. The circulation corridors and meeting rooms overlook the central water bodies. The main street connects the work areas with meeting rooms, social  zones, gym, kitchens, breakout spaces making it into the main zone of communal activity which lies between the outdoors stepwell area and the indoor work environments. All three zones weave in and out of each other providing multiple opportunities for work, interaction, collaboration and social activity.

345 which is the dialing code for telenor , the headquarter is the state of the art building with innovative design solutions and modern architecture .

A modern building design  built with RAMMED Earth  is perfect example of a green building design . Rammed earth is  is simple to manufacture, non-combustible, thermally massive, strong, and durable. The availability of suitable soil and a building design appropriate for local climatic conditions are the factors that favor its use. Rammed earth is probably the least environmentally detrimental construction material and technique that is readily and commercially available today to construct solid masonry edifices. Rammed earth has potentially low manufacturing impact, contingent on the amount of cement and the amount that is locally sourced; it is often quarried aggregates rather than “earth”.

The interior spaces are very modern  and minimal  finished in light color schemes with addition of colorful furniture adding an identity to space .

There are 2 huge water bodies in complex which provides view into the office building and provide healthy environment . Employees have a better experience and are more efficient in environment like these .

A communication tower constructed at the site breaks the world record of tallest earth rammed structure at 100 feet . 

The tower wall thickness is around 3 FT and parameter wall width is 2 ft .The project has been shortlisted for the 2018 world ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL AWARDS OFFICE BUILDING CATEGORY .

It also features

  • Library
  • Gym
  • Indoor and Outdoor gaming zone
  • Cafe and coffee shops
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Projector rooms
  • Meeting rooms

Project Schematics 

The headquarter  is designed on green building principles considering the  water and energy efficiency .

Water Efficiency 

The complex is equipped with water conservation unit which  harvest rain water . water efficient fixtures are used in 345 headquarter which use less amount of water and have low flow rate  often labeled as WATER SENSE .

Energy Efficiency

Renewable  energy source is provided which can produce 230 kw of energy from solar panels.

Active chilled beams are installed for energy efficiency along with LED lights , occupancy sensors and thermal insulation.

Active chilled beams are efficient, need low operating cost  and require less ceiling space  which provides higher ceilings . Apart from requiring less energy , the system requires less space and with small fans it creates less noise .




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