Minimalist Residence | By AGI Architects – Mop House , Kuwait


 Mop House 

Location Kuwait
Type Residential
Date 2006-2011
Project Area 1300 sq .m



Architecture Design Firm

AGI Architects 

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Design Team Main Architect :--Nasser B. Abulhasan

-Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea

Architecture Team

-Gwenola Kergall , Georg Thesing,  Lucía Sánchez, Salmón María ,Eugenia Díaz, José Ángel, del Campo, Daniel Muñoz Medranda, Hanan Alkouh ,Nicolás Martín

Engineering: Babu Abraham ,  Abdul Hafiz Mohammed
Draftings Robert Varguese  , Naseeba Shaji
Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier Gunni & Trentino
 Photo Credit Nelson Garrido

Mop House is one of the single-family housing designed by AGi architects. Originally planned to house one family with two small children, the project responds to both current and future clients’ needs; on which the client plans on dividing the residence into two individual units in the future.

Located in a residential area in Kuwait City, the site consists of a rectangular plot, which can be accessed from either side of the surrounding streets to allow for both a private and a public entrance. After moving along a curved wall that guides the visitor from the exterior of the plot into the center, one reaches the main entrance into the house. Upon entering through the main door frame, the space opens up to reveal the swimming pool and the public living areas of the house.

Main client requirements The client wishes to live in a functional house that responds to all their daily needs. In addition, they require a public area open to the garden that leaves a distinguished impression on visitors. For these reasons, the geometric shapes used by AGi architects respond not only to the integration of the adjacent garden to the house but also to the idea of creating a unique image within the area.

Furthermore, the residence can accommodate for a potential division in the future, as planned by the owners. The structure of the house and the distribution of the circulation, as well as the positioning of the entrances and lift allows for assured privacy between the parents and children in the prospective future.

The garden next to the house is the vertical axis and generator of the movement of the volumes. The form of the residence is reminiscent of the movement patterns of a mop, from which flexible volumes are organized diagonally around a central axis. This axis twists upwards to generate spaces that that channel views into different directions: including the front side of the house, the side gardens, and angles of the back street.

The integration of the curve in the project responds to the movement of volumes and circulation. The circulation surrounding the patio on the first floor contrives of a succession of living spaces, which not only communicate to one another, but also relate visually the interior section of the patio to the exterior. The first floor overhangs to shade the rooms on the ground floor, and the patio is designed to define a break in between the multiple volumes of the house, which subtly reveals a side garden.

The Stairs are cladded in bamboo, marking a special space in the house. The stairs ascend leaving a hollow space in the center, from which several suspended lights are placed at different heights conveying a particular originality to the space.

 Awards: Platinum A’Design Award 2013 – “Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category”


This housing is developed in four levels, with three floors above grade and a basement. On the ground floor, organized around the main courtyard exists a lounge, a guest dining room, a play room and the garage. A secondary courtyard organizes the service rooms in the basement level. The first floor includes the children bedrooms, which are linked to the family lounge, sequentially followed by the family dining room. On this level one also finds an independent volume that houses the main bedroom and, the guest room. The gym and private terrace are located on the second floor.


The façade on the ground floor is cladded with dark brown natural sandstone, whilst the upper levels are finished using white plaster, to differentiate between the lower portion and upper volume of the house.

Bamboo is the main material present in the interior spaces, covering many of the curved walls creating continuity and uniformity in between the various spaces. It also dominates the flooring on the first and second floors, distinguishing the most private spaces of the house and providing them with more warmth.

The flooring on the ground level on the other hand is kept in stone, where both the interiors and exteriors are laid using the same stone as the façade. It is here where the swimming pool stands out in contrast to the dark stone by using lighter colored tiles, to create a refreshing experience and pleasant atmosphere in the exterior.

The interiors of Mop House have been designed by AGi architects in collaboration with the Spanish company, Gunni & Trentino as furniture manufacturer and supplier.



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