Architecture Thesis

Judicial Complex

Type Governmental
Location  Lahore -Pakistan
Plot Area 12.6 ACRE



The opportunity to design Judicial Complex is a very daunting yet very exciting project. This project has its own personality and uniqueness. It’s a functional project with the different unique concept to provide justice to the society hence the designer is required to in cooperate the design, site and its function.

Courthouses can be identified as two-faced complexes. One is public area and the other one is no public area in the Public area one can move freely and have access to every unit of building like a cafeteria, sitting spaces and other basic facilities whereas no public area is segregated on the basis of its significance and dignity. No public area includes Lawyer’s block, judge’s block, and staff of courts, prisoners, and litigants. The thesis tries to understand this concept of duality and tries to configure out the relationship between two blocks and tries to minimize the harsh segregation between the areas without any conflict with the proper architectural approach.

Understanding the nature of project judicial complex has its own significance and it will be an architectural icon and still maintained its social relevance. Issues of security, functions are a primary concern for this thesis. The judicial complex should be a place where is one can witness the social equality, awareness and democratic values. The idea of exclusivity and permeability is a major concern of the thesis. In this project, I tried to find a middle ground idea which justifies the social, security and public inclusion within the judicial complex.  I  developed  a new architectural typology for courthouses. and wanted to make judicial complex as energy efficient sustainable building and concept of green courts can also be in cooperated. Human physiology and comfort kept in mind while designing the court complex.







Facade of the building is made up of different materials STEEL LOUVERS CONCRETE PANEL BLACK AND GREY.

Judicial complex have several levels it is one and a half feet above the ground floor level.Court block are treated differently and other two buildings have been treated differently.Steel louvers used on the facade used to have screened light and it will allow enter less sunlight into the building.Judicial complex is south facing to avoid sun light concrete panels used in front of steel louvers so it will allow less sunlight to enter in the building it will keep building cool. Concrete used in two different colors black and white on facade so it will give a strong reflection of judicial complex Lahore.


Planning has done in way to follow the lines of symmetric and it has done according to the balanced ratios. Different factors were keeping in mind while designing the judicial complex. Ratios, balance, Symmetry,Light analysis are few of them.Considering the importance of judicial system plans have developed so it can meet the needs of current judicial system and would have served the future too
Different architectural designs were kept in mind here planning is sort of amalgam of modular architecture and contemporary architecture.Judicial complex has to be very functional in terms of designing and planning
Judicial complex has several floors
1-1 2 Floors for BAR ASSOCIATION BLOCK 1-4 Floors for courts block (1-4) 1-4 Floors for public block 1-4 Floors for judicial allied facilities 1-2 Floors for judicial lock ups
They all are designed in way to fulfill the building requirements and aesthetics and comfort of the users of courts
design is given right in the heart of courts it can be use in a various way from sitting to the litigants sitting.It can give us a sense of spacious vision when we put a glance over that area .lt can use to achieve maximum of the sun light throughout the area with in the courts
they are design in way to achieve maximum of feasible movement through out the courts.They are designed while keeping the best of circulation space usage.They should have much more secure and ventilated.Because number of user through out the building is very great Judicial complex should serve maximum of the usage of building so that the function of judicial complex could have done properly and architectural sense of the iconic structure yet has to be there.
Buffer spaces and entrances are given for the purpose of security more secure entrance would have given to the courts rest are secure in a way that there are multiple buffer spaces and check point before reaching towards the main entrance of the courts.




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