Residence Design | By AGI Architects – Marassi House ,Alexandria, Egypt


Marassi House

Location Marassi, Alexandria, Egypt
Type Residential
Date 2018
Project Area 1000 sq.m
Client EMAAR

Architecture Design Firm

AGI Architects 


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Design Team Main Architect :-

-Nasser B. Abulhasan

-Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea


Project Team 

-Pedro Moreno
-Lucía Azurmendi
-Pablo Sánchez

 Renders Lemons Bucket

When acting on a privileged location, it is our responsibility to get the design driven by the main three inputs: Climate-Landscape-Environment. We would like to profit from the mild climate and ensure that our Passive strategies end on a more sustainable Villa.

We envision a development that contributes on empowering the natural values that the place had before our intervention. We would use the existing scenery as the starting point of the landscape design proposal, enhancing the local vegetation and introducing an organic design with new species, new fragrances and new sensations.

Villas are designed to ensure the highest comfort standards, with the minimum impact and the greatest care on landscaping. Exclusive villas where serenity and calmed buildings join joyful and pleasant environment profiting from the sea side views.

When we approach the design of “Marassi Premium Luxury Villas” for EMAAR, we immediately understood the necessity of incorporating Egypt’s genius loci into our proposal which means that the design could not be based exclusively on formal concepts. The integration of the new constructions into the existing landscape creates many unique opportunities. It allows us to utilize the different levels of the landscape to have a more dynamic experience for the users and maintain an exciting outdoors experience. We believe otherwise we would be destroying our main asset and the development would rapidly lose value.

A sense of protection is created throughout the development using awnings and canopies. The shading is staggered in between and around the villas, creating a playful effect of shadows on the ground.

The villas become an extension of the landscape utilized in such a way to maximize views and enhance the user experience. The overall approach will create a sustainable habitat that is meant to be easily maintainable requiring very little watering and care. Complementing the terraces is the ability to utilize cross ventilation in the villas which in turn will minimizes energy consumption.




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