Contemporary Mosque Design | By A E O | Jabal Al Noor Mosque ,Islamabad


Jabal Al Noor Mosque

Location Islamaabd
Type Religious
Area 4500 Sq ft

Architecture Design Firm


Life; an amalgamation of varying stages, unfolds with the birth of an individual, who tend to  experiences numerous ups and downs of his existence throughout his life journey.

This journey of life, however, ends with the demise of human being. Similarly- considering the journey of  mankind- the transfiguration of mosque,

Jabl-e-Noor depicts three transitory spaces:

  1. purification
  2. transition
  3. meditation.

Thus, giving a visitor a complete experience, where upon entering he clearly envisage a welcoming space that leads towards the purification (ablution) area.

This ablution area connects to the prayer hall through an open courtyard that invigorates a sense of exuberance and vitality inside. Thereby, allowing him to enter into prayer hall which itself is a clear coalition of light and dark; serenity and tranquility; placidity and silence.

With the domineering factor of outstripping the existence; meditation certainly takeover in the end of a purging spiritual experience giving a divine feeling of peace and contentment to the supreme being.


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