A New Innovative Idea for Clinic | By Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


Clinic Reception Design

Location Karachi
Type Health Care
Project Area  5 Floors (1000 sq ft each)
Status Concept

Architecture Design Firm

Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


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Orderly, neat, efficient and clinical are the attributes that come to mind when health care projects need to be conceived or designed. Conventionally, the aesthetics also never deviate much from the most obvious of such attributes associated with healthcare projects. A direction to take up for the design of a healthcare project would have been to define a clinical language for the space in question. However, we wanted it to be a bit more than the conventional practice as prescribed for such projects. We took a very obvious inspiration for the project and started to differentiate between a clinical versus a lively approach to designing the interior of a healthcare building.

Some questions that we addressed included the way the selected materials could attain a livelier and not a clinical character, and how could ‘life’ be brought into the interior design of the space.

Our approach resulted in a tactile definition of liveliness: we have taken inspiration from the warmth of natural materials. Our material palette has been set in such a way as to juxtapose the wooden grains with the sheen of copper, the whites of polished marble against the ruggedness of stone, the voluptuousness of a wooden bark against the sinuous curve of a perfectly rounded metallic light frame, the cane thatch against the green splash of granite.

In order to further use surfaces and give life to the interior of the space, we have introduced a relief sculpture right at the entrance of this project, and what better icon than a tree to do that. A tree relief greets you at the entrance, the leaves of this tree will be made from different materials giving it a contrast of carved concrete/stone against inset marble or mirror leaves.

The flooring of the space is also inlaid with brass strips inside patterned wood tiles. Overall defining a space that breathes life into the most mundane ‘check-up date’


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