Modern Mosque Design | By Noor Khan Design Studio | The House of GOD ,Lahore -Pakistan


House of God

Type Religious
Location Lahore
Capacity 300 (Male –Female )
Architecture Design Firm Noor Khan Design Studio

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“The mosque is located on the outskirts of the historic city of Lahore. The attempt was to create a modern mosque which looks in the future rather than in the past. Keeping all the essential elements of a mosque (religious space) at the forefront, we tried to shape the space using natural light.

Prayers are to be carried out 5 times a day, the attempt was to create a different experience at each one of these times through the play of natural light. Hence, the introduction of long vertical strip windows and skylights.

The mezzanine floor is reserved for the ladies, they get a separate entrance and are completely private while praying. The mezzanine floor is designed in such a way that it always feels as a part of the main hall, yet no one from the main hall can see anyone praying on the mezzanine portion; keeping the privacy intact.

The orientation wall of the mosque has been kept very simple/subtle quite deliberately. So its easier for one to connect themselves with Allah and the concentration is not diverted elsewhere.

The outer courtyard of the mosque is partially covered, yet open. Always creating an illusion of being inside yet outside and vice versa. The courtyard is designed in such a way that on Friday prayers (when more number of worshipers are expected) it connects with the adjoining sites to create new/multiple rows.

The building complies with all rules, regulations and by laws. Including fire exits and fire escapes which have been quite meticulously hidden in plain sight.”


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